Change… It’s a Navy life!

Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine.
~Robert C. Gallagher

And except for the Navy.

We’ve had another change with our orders.  Par for the course, I know, but this is still my first PCS.  Even though I’m not the one PCSing for the time being.

Huzzy went to check out of his command and found out the the boat he was assigned to when he got his orders has been changed.  Surprise, surprise.  At least he is still on the same type of submarine that he wanted. He just changed boats and even what crew he was going to be on.

Not sure what the schedule for the new boat will be. Not that I can tell anyone anyway. I knew of the previous boat’s schedule a bit and knew what to plan for. Can’t plan on approximately when he’s going to be on a mission and when he’ll be on land yet.  And that’s murderous for a Type A planner like me.

I have a feeling the Navy will slowly but surely change me into a… what would you call the opposite of Type A? Type B? Type Z?  Anyway, I’m sure by the time Huzzy is done in 10 years I’ll not be a Type A planner anymore.

Go Navy!



3 thoughts on “Change… It’s a Navy life!

  1. Thanks for coming by! By all means, feel free to add me…I am honored!

    Yes, the Navy WILL change you Your new motto will become the motto of military wives everywhere…Semper Gumby…always flexible! Welcome to our world!

  2. Oh goodness, I’ve been there, done that and have the t-shirt. My dogs haven’t usually had quite the violent stomach problems but I’ve definitely had some crate clean-up as puppies (luckily Obi-Wan was here for that) and I’ve definitely had to the do the chicken and rice diet for them before. It’s so much easier when the spouse is home, that’s for sure. Hope the critters feel better soon. 🙂

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