Thursday Thirteen #1: 13 Things We Have to Do Before the Movers Arrive on Monday

This is a honeydew day.  That is when you get a day off and the wife says, “Honey, do this,” and “Honey, do that” around the house.
~Jim Lemon

It’s time for the Thursday Thirteen again. If you have a Thursday Thirteen of your own, leave your website in the comments section and I’ll try my darndest to visit it )

Today’s quote is true enough for Huzzy. Since he’s been on leave, he’s not really had much more than a day to himself to relax and do what he wants.  That’s because the movers come on Monday to take everything we own and move it cross-country to Washington state where it will stay in storage until I move there… who knows when that will be!  Huzzy and I are also getting ready to do a weekend blitz of updates to the house, with help from my family, so it will hopefully sell quicker.  So here’s my Thursday Thirteen.

(note: I just saw the prompt after I’d already published this.  DARN! My wedding was nearly 4 weeks ago and I ‘d have loved to blog about it)

Thirteen Things We Need to Do Before The Movers Arrive on Monday

  1. We need to sort through clothes. We both have waaay too many clothes for one person. And believe it or not, Huzzy has a heck of a lot more clothes than I do… he has to purge a lot more than I do.
  2. We need to sort through the chest freezer for anything we want to keep and put it in the refrigerator/freezer upstairs.
  3. Said chest freezer needs to be emptied, unplugged and left open to dry it out so it doesn’t mildew.
  4. We need to sort through all the crap that we have from combining two households and decide what is really worth it to move. I’m hoping not much.
  5. We need to set aside everything we each need. Huzzy for stuff he’ll need while he’s renting a room in Washington and me for stuff I’ll need for myself and the dogs here in Michigan while we live the Spartan lifestyle (like one pot, moving-boxone pan, etc).
  6. We need to clear two rooms so that everything we don’t want the movers to take can be stored in those rooms and where caution tape will be placed over the doors so the movers don’t open them.  Why can’t they open them? Well, for one, the stuff inside won’t need to be moved and for two, the cats will be in one room and the dogs will be in the other! Gotta keep them safe so they aren’t accidentally let outside.
  7. We need to buy air mattresses since that’s what we’ll both be sleeping on for an undetermined amount of time until we both are reunited in Washington. Yay for camping in the house!
  8. We need to take everything off the walls, including picture frames and wall art.
  9. We need to unplug everything.
  10. We need to caution tape the couch since that’s all broken and not moving.  Yay! I get to have a couch even though I won’t have a bed!
  11. We need to video tape everything that we are taking with us so that if it breaks, we can prove that it wasn’t broken before it was packed so we can get reimbursed for it.  Though I wouldn’t mind if the TV was broken… we’d love to get a flat screen 😉
  12. We need to set up a pizza and pop order. I figure if we keep the movers happy by feeding them, they’ll be a bit more careful with our stuff (maybe… hopefully… well, it’s worth a try).
  13. We (okay, okay, I) need to remember to breathe and try to not worry.



8 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #1: 13 Things We Have to Do Before the Movers Arrive on Monday

  1. That’s one of the things that scares me most…my dogs accidentally getting out!

    Please feel free to use the prompt for next week!

  2. OMG! That’s a lot to worry about. Where will you live before going to WA?

    Wifey says: I’ll be staying in my home here in Michigan until it either sells or I can find a job in Washington. So who knows how long that will be!

  3. Good Luck!!

    We JUST went through this too. I hope your move goes a lot smoother than ours did. The animals thing was a big issue with me, too. We kenneled them when we were being packed up (we ended up staying at a hotel for the two days this went on) but when they were bringing our stuff to the new house, we had plenty of room–so we crated the dog in a room that wasn’t getting a lot of furniture put in it, and locked the cat in one of the bathrooms.

    Make sure if you haven’t already to at least take pictures of the big furniture or anything you are concerned might get damaged. It’ll help if you have to file a claim later. Receipts are good, too.

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