PCSing Part 3

I’ll be the in to your sane.

So in my last post about PCSing, I mentioned that I had a ghost story for you.  Huzzy and I have a ghost in our house.  Or at least we did. He might have moved with our household goods and is on his way to Washington. We aren’t sure yet but haven’t heard from him recently so we are thinking so. That and what we think brought him into our house is now on the moving truck.

Let me give you the background of our ghost from what I wrote in another blog a year and a half ago:

Something weird happened last night. Rather, this morning. Actually, last night too now that I think about it. Anyway. This morning something woke me up and I opened my eyes but then closed them and was trying to fall back asleep because I had a couple more hours before my alarm went off. And thenGhost I heard it.

“Go sit down.”

Now, the fans were on in the house and stuff so I figured I imagined something. That was, until moments later, [then boyfriend, now Huzzy] rolled over and said to me, “What did you say?” He said this out of a deep sleep. And he sleeps pretty soundly too.

“Uh, I didn’t say anything,” I answered, “but I heard it too.”

After we both woke up this morning, we started talking about it. We both agree that we heard a man’s voice talking, though [Huzzy] didn’t catch what was said. Last night, when I was in the office on the computer waiting for [Huzzy] to arrive, I swear I heard him come in. I thought I heard the door open and the dogs got up and started getting excited—I could hear their tags rattling. So I called out to [Huzzy].

But he wasn’t there.

He also told me that the other night while I was asleep (he couldn’t sleep), he was watching the DKids channel and really thought he saw someone walk down the hallway—a man. Now, he admits that he was watching a show about hauntings so he thought that’s why he “imagined” he saw something… until this morning.

This isn’t the first time stuff has happened in my house, either. The dogs will occasionally get up and get all excited after hearing (and I hear it too) what sounds like my side door opening. Stuff is misplaced and I find it later right where I looked in the first place. I’ve heard speaking before but chalked it up to me living alone an imagining things.

Not anymore. This morning proved to me that there is a ghost in my house. Luckily I didn’t feel threatened, so I really don’t think he’s here to do any harm whatsoever. I’m going to do some investigating to see if I can find out the history of my house. It isn’t that old (1960s) so it’s not something that I have to delve deep into the history books to find.

And also this post a few days later:

I think the ghost followed me into my car. Yesterday, I forgot my cell phone at home, so I went home at lunch to get it. I was listening to the radio like I usually do. On the way home, though, when I went to listen to the radio, all my pre-set stations were one off. My #6 preset was now #5, my #5 was now #4, etc but my #1 preset was some odd station that I’d never heard of.

I’d have taken this as a coincidence had one of the stations been off… maybe I miss-pressed a button or something. But all of them being off by one? And missing my favorite station? I know I didn’t do that.

[Huzzy] and I think that we finally know what brought this all about. A few weeks ago, he bought a 1948 Singer sewing machine that came with a desk (the sewing machine is attached the desk and folds under so you can use it as a desk) and a stool. He bought it for $32 and knows that he can sell it on Ebay for quite a lot more (some are going for upwards of $350). He was bringing it to my house the night of his accident, which was a week and a half ago. Just a few days before things started happening in my house. *cue eerie music*

Yeah, the ghost has been with us for a while. Strange things happen randomly in the house, but we have never felt fearful. I think he’s just a lonely older man who wants company. Since Huzzy has been on leave, he’s been in the living room many times and thought he heard the side door open and thought I was home just like I have in the past. The dogs always go running and act like they are greeting someone in our kitchen.

Fast forward to Moving Day #2 when the movers were putting all our stuff in the moving van. After I came home from doing a few hours of work and after finding the missing cat and after retrieving the runaway dog from the neighborhood, Huzzy told me that our ghost made an appearance. I smiled because we hadn’t heard from him in a while and asked how he showed himself.

Huzzy said he was standing by one of the open doors (to try to catch our missing cat if she should appear and try to make a break for it) when one of the movers–Joe–came running up the stairs and yelling, “Pete? What is it Pete? What do you want? Pete?”  He was calling for the other mover. Why? Because he thought the other mover had called his name. Problem was, the mover was inside the moving semi with the semi driver that was parked on the street. No way for any names to be called. Besides, Huzzy hadn’t heard anything.

Joe started heading back down the stairs shaking his head and saying, “Wow, that was weird.”  Huzzy was pretty sure he knew what was happening but still asked him what was going on.  Joe said the he heard his name being called and thought Pete needed him for something. Huzzy then told him it was probably our resident ghost and told him the background of the ghost. Later on, still before I came home, Pete went down the stairs and got severe chills up and down his spine and broke out into goosebumps.

As soon as Huzzy told me the story I went down to the basement. I saw Joe and mentioned to him that it sounded like he met our resident ghost. He smiled and said he must have and that it was the weirdest thing. I looked around the basement and noticed that the 1948 Singer sewing machine was already gone. I asked Joe if it had been packed in the truck before or after he met our ghost. He said it had been moved about 10 or 15 minutes before. I smiled and said, “Yup, that’s our ghost.”

I later mentioned something to the truck driver (he had already heard about the story). I told him that the ghost may be traveling with him but that he wasn’t a mean spirit and would just be along for the ride following the sewing machine. The driver just smiled and said it sounded fine to him since that way he’d have a companion in the passenger seat.

I might actually miss our ghost. I hope he makes it to his destination okay and isn’t peeved about the move.



5 thoughts on “PCSing Part 3

  1. I had a ghost follow me into my car, too! Crazyness! I wrote a blurb about it on my site, too. What an awesome story. I always appreciate a good ghost tale. 😀

  2. We had a ghost in our house when we lived on base. Ours was very noisy and liked to stand in doorways, or at least throw around his shadow. Shudder.

    Good luck with the PCS. Hoping yours is going smoother than ours!

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