Thursday Thirteen #5: Top Searches to My Blog

The Internet is just a world passing around notes in a classroom.
~Jon Stewart

It’s time for the Thursday Thirteen again. If you have a Thursday Thirteen of your own, leave your website in the comments section and I’ll try my darndest to visit it 🙂

Top Thirteen Searches That Brought People To My Blog

  1. wife of a sailor– Okay, yup, that’s what I am, so that makes sense. No need to link to a certain post.
  2. will the navy change me– Yes, the Navy will change you. It will change your spouse too.  But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Again, not a certain link.
  3. greyhound personality– Unique.  Greyhound personalities are unique. Very interesting dogs.
  4. marrying a sailor- Yes, that’s what I did. And I’d do it again. And again. But I’d like more than five weeks to plan the wedding.
  5. house with ghosts in them hurting people- Okay, my house used to have a ghost in it, but I’m pretty sure he left. But he never hurt anyone. Ever.
  6. what the movers wont do pcsing- There are many things that the movers WILL do but there are a few things they won’t.
  7. fat lol cat- Yup, had one of those on my site.  Pretty darn cute, too!
  8. navy life– Oh gosh, I have so many posts about it. Just click “Navy” on my category cloud.
  9. sailor’s wife stress– Wow, another one that I have many posts on. Don’t worry about clicking on anything, just scroll down!
  10. how much money can you swipe on navy fed–  About $500.
  11. blue fawn greyhound picture– Yeah, you can see that here too. Lulu is a blue fawn Greyhound.
  12. miss my sailor husbandSo do I, honey… so do I.
  13. who owns the cat husband or wife?– Um… I’d say no one. No one can own a cat!

Okay, question for you… why doesn’t anyone use capital letters anymore?



9 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #5: Top Searches to My Blog

  1. cause it takes to long to hit the shift key, methinks. Great post! I’m an ex-AF wife, myself, so I know a thing or two about military life.

  2. This is great!!! Seeing as the name of my blog is My Sailors Mistress… I get a great variety of things!!! Makes for great laughs in the morning!!!!

  3. Yeah, I’m sure that blog name would definitely bring in some funny moments… you should post some of them!


  4. Hmmm … luv the Jon Stewart quote ;–)
    I’ve never figured out HOW to see what searches bring folks to MY blogs … but perhaps one day I shall (or not).
    Hugs and blessings,

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