Thursday Thirteen #8: Random Thoughts

Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again?
~Winnie the Pooh

It’s time for the Thursday Thirteen again. If you have a Thursday Thirteen of your own, leave your website in the comments section and I’ll try my darndest to visit it 🙂

13 Random Thoughts

  1. I suddenly looked down the other day and noticed that our 17 month old Great Pyrenees puppy is no longer a puppy.  He’s filled out and is totally boxy now instead of lean and lanky. It happened pretty much overnight
    Skah at only 11 months... he had lots more growing to do!

    Skah at only 11 months... he had lots more growing to do!

    (which is probably why he’s limping… they do that when they have huge growth spurts).  My puppy is gone!  But at least he’s replaced by a majestic, regal dog.

  2. Why do people insist on being stupid? Ignorant I can deal with but stupid is a whole ‘nother ball game.
  3. I hope I get gained by my Navy Reserve command in the next few weeks. I’d love to start drilling soon.
  4. My commissioning ceremony is Saturday. Holy Moley, it’s turned into something huge! Apparently the CO of the recruiting district has made it mandatory for all recruiters in this zone. Probably has something to do with the good connections both my place of work and myself have with him.
  5. I’m terrified that I’m going to show how new I am that day. I had to ask the local Chief with help on how my combo cover is supposed to fit.  And I just finally figured out today a good way to do my hair the way I’m supposed to.
  6. I was about to cut off said hair to my chin just so I didn’t have to deal with putting it up the “proper” way, which I couldn’t figure out until today.
  7. This past weekend marked 3 months that Huzzy and I have been married.
  8. By the time I see him, we’ll have been apart 11 out of 18 weeks of our marriage. Most will say that it’s the Navy life, but he’s not on deployment.  That will happen sometime this fall.
  9. I need to make a page on OPSEC (Operational Security) so people know why I can’t be more specific than “this fall.”  I got the idea of doing a page like this from To the Nth. I hope she doesn’t mind me copying her idea.
  10. I am really craving some Olive Garden Soup, Salad and Breadsticks lunch. Huzzy and I need to save as much as we can since we are supporting two households (and I am working two jobs to do that). But he went out with friends to see Transformers last night and I think I should get something, too. Besides, that lunch won’t cost as much as the movie did.
  11. I really need to get my house finished and on the market. I’m glad my mom and brother are coming over this weekend to help. Too bad I have to work on Sunday, too.
  12. My mom is bringing over a twin mattress. WOO-HOO!!!! No more sleeping on couch cushions on the floor (though they are infinintely better than sleeping on an air mattress that can’t hold its air)!
  13. I need to start doing these things days in advance so they are already up and I don’t have to scramble around every Thursday morning to get my morning stuff done AND my TT.



9 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #8: Random Thoughts

  1. I just love you puppy, or shall i say dog? So handsome! I remember when my golden lab grew up overnight from a playful pup to a grand dog. I will never forgive him for that! Pups are always the cutest!
    I enjoyed you 13! Can’t wait till next week!

  2. ok, i seriously almost fell over when i read your #12!!!!! i am 31 and had to sleep on an air mattress when i first moved into a tiny condo. THEN IT STARTED LEAKING AIR! i’d wake up a couple times a night and fill it back up. then, i finally duct taped it. FINALLY my mom brought over my twin mattress from childhood and that’s what i’m now sleeping on (it is 29 years old!!!)

    weird. happy tt!

  3. The rules are a JOKE!!! I just got upset about them yesterday…. We can’t talk about anything BUT the media can???? WTH!!!

    I understand the importance of the rules. 27 of my 28 years on earth is the Navy, it upsets me that the media does not have to follow these rules. When I get tweets of ship location WTH!!! I mean really. Sorry…

    Have you learned the “roll the sock trick” for the bun?

    Good Luck Saturday!!! I can’t wait to see pictures!!!

  4. Not only do I not mind you yoinking the OPSEC page idea, I highly encourage it! I’d wager it’s an unfamiliar concept to many civilian readers, and even those of us in the military community could use a reminder now and again.

    You’ve got me thinking about Olive Garden’s soup, salad, and breadsticks, too, darn it. 😉 I have homemade lentil soup and some mixed greens here at home, but the breadsticks… the breadsticks I wouldn’t be able to manage in time for lunch.

  5. I understand how you feel, Jennifer, but the media generally only publishes what the military themselves makes public. And that is done strategically so that it doesn’t compromise the troops. What happens if families start violating OPSEC is that they might reveal something that the military didn’t want out and THAT’S where the problem comes in about the troops’ security.

    Sandy, while I whole-heartedly advocate for adoption (we also have two adopted dogs), we needed specific characteristics in our Pyr so we went with a breeder. You can contact the Great Pyrenees association and they will give you a list of breeders to check out if you need to go in that direction. But if you just want a Pyr, I’d search for a Pyr rescue and go from there.

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