Commissioning Ceremony and a Mattress

If you are ashamed to stand by your colors, you had better seek another flag.
~Author Unknown

My mom and brother came over yesterday for my commissioning ceremony. With them, they brought a twin mattress that my mom isn’t using anymore.  Let me tell you… after sleeping on nothing but an air mattress that you have to re-inflate a few times a night or a couple of couch cushions on the floor–a mattress to sleep in is A. Maze. Ing.

I can’t even explain how wonderful it felt. I slept for about eight hours last night (which included being woken up three times by the dogs), which is more than I have been getting. But I knew I needed more and still wasn’t too tired. So I invited Lulu onto the mattress and cuddled with her until I got sleepy and then kicked her off and slept for another two hours.  Wow, I felt so good. I’ll never complain about an uncomfortable hotel mattress again because I know it’s better than the alternative!

My commissioning ceremony went off quite well yesterday. Though I had already had my administrative commissioning, this was a day for me to make it about the two organizations I represent: an aviation museum and the Navy.

We called it “Navy Day” at the museum and thankfully it wasn’t all about me.  We had more than 25 Deppers (young men and women who are in the Delayed Entry Program and are awaiting their turn to go to the recruit training in Great Lakes) who also re-swore in. A few received advancements and are now in the next paygrade.  Yay for them!

After they swore in, then it was my turn.  Our local TV station was there as well and I did a one-on-one interview afterward. It was interesting trying to make sure I equally represented both my civilian employer and the Navy during the interview!  Unfortunately, the interview didn’t air (which is fine, I don’t need to be on camera!) but we did get some great b-roll that went on the air so all is good.

We even had a Lieutenant Commander who showed up (the Officer Programs Coordinator) which was surprising. He was really nice and complimented me on the success of becoming a PAO in the Navy Reserve as only 9 were chosen this year.  I’m glad to be able to represent not only the Navy, but represent Michigan to the Navy (our state had 2 of those chosen).

The other great thing about yesterday was the fact that the enlisted recruiters in the area were all present. I know many of these guys (they are all guys right now) because Huzzy was one of them until just a few months ago. They were helping me learn some of the things I needed to know and it was just very, very odd for them to be calling me “ma’am” and to be saluting me.

I think that having the perspective of having my husband as an enlisted guy will help me. I understand what the flip side goes through and I DO know how their attitudes towards officers. I think that will really help me. I am so very, very honored to be serving our country and be a part of the world’s greatest Navy.  I hope I can make everyone proud.



4 thoughts on “Commissioning Ceremony and a Mattress

  1. Congrats on the ceremony AND the mattress. I think you have the perfect attitude–I think because you have some understanding of the enlisted side, it will positively affect the way you handle your leadership responsibilities.

    And good for you, being one of only nine!!

  2. Congrats! And I’m excited to let you know that you WON the star! And how fitting that it should go to a dual military family. Thank you both for your service. Email me your info and I’ll get it out to you. I gotta be honest, some awful cold has hit me like a ton of bricks and that in combo with my third trimester I’m running a little slow this week.

    Hope to see you again at my blog! I’ll be back to yours!

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