I’m Alive

I’m alive and fine.  Well, almost.  I stepped on a carpet staple two weeks ago and that resulted in one Urgent Care visit (five days later), and so far three doctors’ appointments with one scheduled next week. Add in two changes of antibiotics including one that is hopefully killing the “possibly worried about (<— says the doctor) MRSA.”  I’m now on an oral and topical antibiotic. And soaking my foot each night in Epsom Salts.  Yeah, it’s not healing so well.

I’m so busy that I haven’t been able to blog. With the staple incident, I haven’t been very mobile and have been pretty out of it. Also, I’m getting ready to fly out tomorrow to see my husband for the first time in three months! Yay!

First drill is this weekend, too.  Uh, yeah, marching and running will not be in my repitoire for the weekend.  I even have a doc’s note for it 🙂

Be back later!



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