Bad Luck and Our Luck… Seems to be the Same Lately

If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.
~Hee Haw Gang

We just can’t catch a break. When we had some extra money after our wedding, Skah cost us $500 in emergency vet and regular vet bills.

When we saved money from the PCS, the Navy demanded something like $1,000 back since I didn’t move with Huzzy at the time.

When I got a second (and third if you count the Navy Reserves!) job to help make ends meet, we had to hire a contractor to tile the kitchen floor just so it could get done since I didn’t have time to do it because of working three jobs. Another $1,100 down the drain.

And when we save some money so that we can do some tent camping and go out to a movie or two during the two weeks I’m spending in Washington before and after my drill weekend because Huzzy is deploying this fall (ya know, since we were married 22 weeks ago and have only spent 11 1/2 weeks together and only seen each other for three days in the last four months), the Navy erroneously garnished Huzzy’s wages from the said PCS move… that we paid back by the 30JUN deadline.

So now, not only will we not get to do anything but sit in Huzzy’s tiny rented room in a rented house for two weeks, but we won’t be able to pay all the bills on time this month. I mean, we’re barely making ends meet as it is with me working two jobs (and of course, my third job of the Reserves… there’s paperwork problems and I probably won’t get paid for my drills for several months even though I’m shelling out $300+ a month for plane tickets).  Losing something like $1,000 in one paycheck just isn’t going to cut it.

Oh, and that toe that I cut 5 weeks ago?  Still not healed. My doctor appointment was set for Monday for a re-check and to decide what to do. It was changed to Friday since the doctor has the stomach flu.  It now needs to be changed again because he’s not getting better. I sure as heck hope I can get an appointment Monday or Tuesday because I leave Tuesday night to go to the other side of the state to drop off the dogs at my mom’s house and to fly out of Detroit on Wednesday.

*sigh* I just feel like throwing my hands up and giving up lately.



3 thoughts on “Bad Luck and Our Luck… Seems to be the Same Lately

  1. No giving up! Think of it not so much as a streak of horrendous luck — you’re just getting the sucky situations out of the way in a highly efficient, compressed manner so you can have a nice long stretch of things going smoothly.

    Does that actually help? Well, no, of course not, but I am thinking good thoughts for speedy healing of both your foot and the money woes. DFAS is screwing some other friends of ours at the moment, too, so at least that particular ray of hate and discontent isn’t directed exclusively at you.

  2. Oh my goodness are you getting a trial by fire! By the time the gremlins are done with you, you will be a pro at handling just about EVERYTHING. I wish I had better advice to give you other than it will all work out at some point, but… DFAS is pretty bad, except when it’s a mistake that means they get to TAKE money from you. You could try having you or hubby hound the people at PSD for awhile (either by phone if it’s you or him actually going there if he can) and see if maybe they can grease the wheels a little. I am definitely wishing you a span of good luck!

  3. It helps a bit, Nth! Well, it made me laugh at least.

    And Ann, yeah, I hope that I get all the “bad deployment juju” out of here before he actually deploys. I hope that’s what it is… that when this streak is done, we’ll be sailing high and fast for a while.

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