Guess What! The Bad Luck Streak…

Bad is never good until worse happens.
~Danish Proverb

Woo-hoo… that bad luck streak I talked about in my last post?   Well…

…it just got worse.

Huzzy called me last night after finally being able to access MyPay. Apparently it’s not $800-$1,000 that is coming out… it’s $1,100.  Pretty much his entire base pay for the paycheck.

<Announcer> And that’s not all, folks.  Tell them what else they’ve won!

<Show Host> Well, for being such good patriotic citizens who both serve their country, who work four jobs between them and who are newlyweds that have seen each other for less than half their marriage and are about to go through their first deployment, we have an extra special treat for them.  They get… to have the same amount taken out of their NEXT paycheck.

<Crowd> *Intense clapping and cheering*

<Announcer> Congratulations to the newlywed couple. We hope you’ll enjoy this treat for years to come.

Aren’t we just so special?  I feel so… so… honored.  Yes, that’s the word.  Apparently The Powers That Be (whether that’s God or the Navy) have decided that we are so incredibly strong and so ready to take on anything, that we can be given just this one more thing to handle.  Yeah, honored.

I’m waiting to hear from Huzzy tonight. He’s going to talk to the Yeoman today and see what’s up since it’s the middle of the month and he can’t see his LES to see what’s going on. However, we figured out that this is exactly half of what they gave us for our final payment for the PCS (okay, not really, supposedly they still owe us $300-$500 for travel claims according to Huzzy) in June. You know, a week before they told us “oops, we overpaid you $800 and we need that back by the end of the month or we’ll garnish your wages.” That stuff we paid by the end of the month.

So there are two options:

  1. They shouldn’t have paid us anything in June and even though we asked them about it and they said we hadn’t been paid everything, they were wrong and are now yanking it (which begs the question… what about that $800 we already paid… do we get that back or is that on top of the $2,200?).
  2. They erred and we should get it all back since we were entitled to that. Which means we might be lucky to receive it by Christmas… the one I might be spending alone for the first time in my life with no family near me. Hopefully I’ll make friends by then and they’ll take pity on me and invite me over at least the day before or the day after Christmas.

Of course, there’s always the Navy’s option of Option #3… none of the above and nothing we can understand.

Dear God and Mr. Navy Wo/Man in the Sky… I’ve had enough, thank you. I’m strong and can do things on my own. I’ve proven it. Can I please have a break?  Pretty please?  Just a little one?



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