Why Do You Do That and Finally a Night Out

The easier it is to do, the harder it is to change.
~Eng’s Principle

I just have to say this… sometimes, people just amaze me. And sometimes it’s the smallest of things.  Friday I went to my local credit union because they had messed up something in my online account (not IN it, but the fact that it was no longer online).  The bank manager hadn’t ever seen that happen before, so she gave me her business card because I was to call her back in a few hours if it hadn’t been fixed.

And that’s where my “Why do you do that?” comes in.  She went to hand me her business card and licked her fingers to grab the card.  WHY DO PEOPLE LICK THEIR FINGERS to grab things?  I mean, I know that helps to pick up one piece, but seriously. That’s the most disgusting thing .  It’s akin to me licking a business card and handing it to you.  That would never be accepted.  And then I think about how they are saying that the H1N1 flu is going to be more contagious than the regular flu and…

Just keep it sanitary and don’t lick your fingers and then touch something. Besides, you don’t wash your hands before licking your fingers, so you are really licking all the germs that are on your fingers from whatever you’ve been touching. YUCK!


Okay, now for updates. My toe isn’t any better. The extra scar tissue is still growing. Not very quickly, but it is still growing. I have a doctor’s appointment with a dermatologist on the 6th.  I couldn’t find anyone on this side of the state that could get me in before November, so I found one near my mom’s house and I’ll be going there the day after I get back from my drill weekend in Washington.

It’ll be a pretty sad drill weekend because I won’t be stepping off the plane and seeing Huzzy.  I’ll have to wait for my luggage and then get a rental car and head to my destination. By myself. I’m sure that will be a big wake-up-call that he’s actually gone.

He hasn’t left yet, though, so I do still get to talk to him every night. And we Google Video Chat quite a bit.  You’ll need Gmail (if you don’t have Gmail as your e-mail client, then you are really missing out! It’s amazing and has virtually unlimited storage space) and a webcam, but that’s it!  All you’ll have to do is download the program and it will automatically find your webcam and you will be all set.  Did I mention it’s totally free? Amazing!

Last night I went out with some of my friends and it was absolutely what I needed. I haven’t been out (other than one lunch) since Huzzy left.  We haven’t had enough money for frivolous things like that, but with the “Big D” coming up, I really needed some time away from the house and some time to laugh and enjoy myself with my friends.

We started off at a local bar where I met with my friends J, D and D (the only guy). We had one drink and laughed and caught up on everything. We then decided to go putt-putt golfing (I had coupons… woo-hoo for saving everyone money!).  The four of us really had a lot of fun and there were only two strokes difference between the winner and D and me, who tied for last.

The place we did putt-putt at is actually a bowling/arcade/bumper cars/laser tag/putt-putt/go-karts place. We decided to do one round of go-karts (I had coupons for that too… score!).  I knew I had the advantage because I knew the course well, having gone on it several times with Huzzy, Jamer’s nephew and our Little Brother from Big Brothers/Big Sisters.  I know the turns so well that I actually can floor it the whole time and know where you can pass people.

My goal was to lap D, the guy.  I got really close and was directly on his tail when our time was up.  One more lap around and I’m pretty sure I would have gotten him!

So, I had lots of fun and only spent $10 last night.  Awesome.

And I just have to say… this weather is so fantastic! 74 and sunny with low humidity. It could stay this way forever and I’d be so happy.



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