I Love Being Right

They say that nobody is perfect.  Then they tell you practice makes perfect.  I wish they’d make up their minds.
~Wilt Chamberlain

My husband needs to listen to me more.  Actually, he really is learning that. In fact, a few months ago, he said something to the effect of, “I need to just listen to you more and realize you are probably right.”

Well, Mrs. Right strikes again!

You see, I have been reading many a MilSpouse blog and have been on many MilSpouse forums and submarine wife forums and have been researching things.  I know that the general consensus among spouses is that you need a power of attorney during deployment. Generally it’s for those stupid things that come up or to be able to get things done in the military sector.

Well, Huzzy fought me on it. He didn’t like the idea of someone being able to “have all that power” over his life. I advocated and argued with him that it really was a good idea to have it just in case.  The idea was driven home when over the summer his student loans just mysteriously stopped being automatically withdrawn. He didn’t realize it for a few months (they were being taken out of his personal account). So it hit home that things COULD happen while he was gone. But that didn’t help out a whole lot. Some, but not much.

He decided that he’d give me some limited powers of attorney… one to sell his Jeep, one to buy a house and one to get a MWR loan in the case of an emergency. He neglected to get one to sign a lease to rent a house, which is what we are most likely going to do.

So when I saw him unexpectedly last week (yes, that’s part of the “I’ll tell you later” stuff) I again brought up the general power of attorney. I reminded him that if something happens in his personal checking account or if something happens to his student loans or any other financial things that I’m not on that I’d have no way to take care of it.

So he grudgingly gave me one and it arrived in the mail today.

And just in time.

Today I went to the dentist to not only get my six month cleaning, but also to get my dental form filled out that will let me go do that opportunity in Rhode Island next month. After getting a full set of x-rays (not just bite wings), the receptionist came back to tell me that the insurance said I wasn’t covered.

Um… Huzzy took care of that back in March after we were married.  Or so I thought.

Yeah, I’m not covered. But guess what! I can sign myself up… with a power of attorney.  Yes, less than a week after Huzzy left, I needed that POA that he only reluctantly gave me.

Ha! I win!  Or rather, we kinda lose money since I had to pay for the x-rays and new patient exam out of pocket. But they let me reschedule my cleaning until after November 1st when I’ll be covered by dental.

But still… I was right again! 😉



5 thoughts on “I Love Being Right

  1. Oh, wow. I had just made Greg get me a new one before he left this time, too. He practically refused to do it (not because he doesn’t trust me, but like your husband, doesn’t really see the point of them), and then I threatened to call the CO and tell him that my husband was trying to deploy without giving me a POA or a will.

    He went to legal the next day 😉

    Not sure if calling the CO would have done anything but it certainly lit a fire under DH!

  2. We see POA’s all the time at the bank with all the military that we have in the area and I say it is a must have!

  3. I felt like everytime I turned around I needed the POA. Even to sign our son up for daycare I needed the POA. It’s kind of ridiculous actually all the things people will require a POA for.

  4. Yeah, he kinda didn’t say anything when I finally got to talk to him and told him that it was a good thing I had it. He knew I was right!

    As for the CO thing… I have to be careful now that I’m an officer in the Navy. It’s one thing for a spouse to go to the CO with a problem, but it’s completely another when that spouse is the lowest ranking officer possible.

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