Friday Funny #10: Skah, the Scary Guard Dog

With the fearful strain that is on me night and day, if I did not laugh I should die.
~Abraham Lincoln

It’s time for the next “Friday Funny.” As a Navy wife with a husband who isn’t home much (and is deployed right now) sometimes things can get a bit melancholy.

Please join me with the “Friday Funny” meme. It can be anything from a comment that made you laugh or a funny story or even a funny photo/video you have seen.  Leave a comment if you post one and I’ll visit your blog to see!

This one is from my own home.  Skah is our now 21 month old Great Pyrenees. We found out when he was 10 months old that he is completely deaf. We specifically chose this breed (well, Huzzy did) because he wanted a guard dog that he could feel comfortable leaving his family with whenever the Navy called him away (which is often, since he’s active duty).

While I was gone drilling (I’m a Navy reservist) the other week, he saw a big, scary garbage can while on a walk at my mom’s house and started barking a “low, mean, scary bark that meant business” (according to my mom). He really was trying to protect her. Which is awesome, because that means his guarding ability is starting.

But it’s not quite all the way there, as evidenced by the other night’s fun….

(please ignore the messy countertops, I’d just gone grocery shopping)



One thought on “Friday Funny #10: Skah, the Scary Guard Dog

  1. Eva Longoria is scaring your Skah? The good thing is that there is a very little chance that she would come for a visit to your house. So no worries, he’s a good guard dog 🙂

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