The Only Constant is Change

We are never prepared for what we expect.
~James A. Michener, Caravans

I never really explained all the frustration of this post. When I saw Huzzy and spent two weeks with him back in August, we both cat yellknew that we would most likely not see one another again until he returned from deployment. Of course, we also knew that there was a small chance that I could see him again when I came out in October to go to my drill weekend.  Knowing our luck, we were pretty sure it would be next year before we saw one another again.

So it came as a huge kick in the teeth when we found out that pretty much at the exact time I was scheduled to land in Seattle for my drill weekend was pretty much the exact time he was scheduled to fly off to meet the boat that is forward deployed in an area which I can’t talk about due to OPSEC. I mean, I know we planned on not seeing each other again, but to find out that we’d miss each other by less than a few hours was horrible.

So we quickly made some calculations and decided that we were going to spend the extra money to change my plane tickets and head out there early so we could see each other one last time. I decided to leave a few days in between just in case the date was upped again.

In the end, it didn’t matter because his leave date was changed again… until quite a bit later than the original date. So he was still there when I finished my drill weekend and we were able to spend several fantastic days together.

The few days where I thought Huzzy and I would be missing each other by mere minutes was the most frustrating thing I’ve experienced in my life, but it ended up to be some absolutely perfect few days with him. Actually, because they were unexpected days, we just savored them and they were that much sweeter.



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