Manic Monday turned into Maahvelous Monday

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
~Mark Twain

By 9 a.m., I was itching to write a post about how this had been a pretty crappy Monday and a pretty crappy way to start the week.

It started out earlier than I expected because Skah had decided that he was going to pace and pace and pace the hardwood floors in the livingroom and the *PLOP* his 120-pound self down onto the floor only to get up and pace again because he felt that at 5:30 in the morning, it was time to get up.

After taking the dogs outside (and it was rainy and icky to stand out there), it was time to get their food. I opened the refrigerator because that’s where the open can of pumpkin is kept (in order to keep nasty Big D days from being repeated) for his daily food add-in.   Yeah, as I was taking it out, I managed to spill an entire large bowl of garlic mashed cauliflower (awesome substitute for potatoes!) all down the shelves of fridge and all across the kitchen floor.

After cleaning that up, I was quite late getting ready for work when Huzzy called… at the time I was already supposed to be at work.  So I did what any other good MilSpouse would do when a husband who is deployed calls… forget work and sit down and talk to him.  So that lasted about half an hour so I was REALLY late for work, but wasn’t worried since I’m salaried and can make it up by staying late or taking a shorter lunch (I live 2 minutes from work).

Flowers from Anonymous Coworker

Flowers from anonymous coworker

So I grabbed the brand new tweed peacoat that I also purchased and went to head out the door… only to notice that they left the security ink tag on it.  And I had put my only other jacket that I have left in Michigan in the wash.  Luckily it was 50 outside so while it was chilly, I didn’t NEED it.  But I sure wasn’t happy to have to go back to the store to get it taken off.  Halfway to work, I realized that I had forgotten my cell phone at work.  Fan-flippin-tastic.

And that was all by 9 a.m.

Nothing else happened that made the day worse, but the start just kinda ruined it and it just felt crappy.  Until the afternoon.

I was in a co-worker’s office that she shares with two other people (a very large office) and commented that the other female co-worker’s flowers that she got a few weeks ago were amazing since they were just now dying.  Then I mentioned how I’ve only received flowers at work from Huzzy once (got flowers twice total since we met). I also said I wasn’t complaining especially since he remembered that I loved daisies and made sure those were in the vase.

Two hours later, I get a call from the front desk saying I had flowers waiting for me. I almost started crying because I couldn’t believe what a coincidence it was for Huzzy to send me flowers just a few hours after mentioning that he’s only sent me them once at work. I mentioned this to my office mate and she was extremely excited too.

So I went down to get the flowers and was blinking back the tears of joy. I read on the card, “And now it’s two.”  And they were yellow daisies.

Um… that wasn’t from Huzzy.  So I went straight upstairs to coworker’s office and told her that she didn’t need to send me the flowers and but that I appreciated them.  She insisted that she didn’t send them and suggested that maybe my husband did send them.

So I went back to my office and called the flower shop to inquire as to who sent them.  The guy on the other end said he didn’t know who it was and that it looked like it had been paid in cash.  So I asked him if they were ordered today or sometime in the past and he said today.  Obviously that wasn’t Huzzy since he’s somewhere in the Pacific.

Then I started thinking that there WAS one other person in the room when coworker and I had our conversation. Coworker #3… a guy who I’ve not always had the best working relationship with and who will be retiring in a few years. So I went to him and told him the same thing… that he really shouldn’t have but that I appreciated it.  He, too, insisted that it wasn’t him.

So coworker #1 and I went back to check the card and it definitely looked very similar to coworker #3’s writing. So I went back to him and he still insisted that it wasn’t him.  I decided that it has to be one of those two and that it could possibly be both of them.  So I told them that if they did it, they totally made my day because I was having a bad one. And I thanked them.

I think I’m going to write a thank you letter and address it to both of them. Just telling them that I’m still pretty sure it was one of them and that it’s fine if they don’t want to come forward but that they totally made my day. And I’m going to promise to pay it forward one day.  Because I feel that is very important.  I’ve done it in the past and it is just such a wonderful feeling.



2 thoughts on “Manic Monday turned into Maahvelous Monday

  1. Hello! I hope you don’t find this creepy at all, but I’ve been reading through your blog tonight because I’ve been seriously thinking about joining the Navy Reserve as a Public Affairs Officer! I was google-searching and your blog came up.
    I will be in touch with a reserve officer recruiter soon, but it helps to hear the story about the officer selection process from someone who ISN’T a recruiter! 🙂 Would you be willing to correspond with me so that I can learn about some of your experiences as a PAO in the Navy Reserve, and the commissioning process and timeline? If so, please e-mail me at I can’t tell you how much of a difference it would make if I could speak to you about all of this! Thanks! 🙂

  2. I’m glad they brightened up your crappy day, whomever they were 🙂
    That ink tag thing happened to me too. They forgot it on a black cocktail dress and I did not find out until the night I was supposed to wear it. On the cruise! In the middle of the ocean 🙂
    Hope you week’s get better!

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