Welcome back to me

Madness takes its toll.  Please have exact change.
~Author Unknown

Well, I’m back from my week of active duty in Rhode Island (more on that in another post).  Coming into work today I have come to realize that the person who will eventually be taking over for me has already done just that… taken over.  She’s even taken charge of the duties and responsibilities that I was supposed to be doing. And not just while I was gone… noooo, she’s done several things this morning that I should have been doing.

So yeah, I’m here at work with absolutely nothing to do. Because she’s “handling it.”  I asked our boss what she would like me to do/things to do/things that happened last week while I was gone. The response? Nothing, it was a quiet week.

Makes me wonder what happened while I was gone, what meetings may have gone on. And if they will honor their promise to keep me until I move. I’m thinking with next year’s budget in the works, they’ll probably need to save my salary. And eliminate my position. I have a feeling it’ll be soon.

I do have one job prospect, so please pray or think good thoughts for me for it. God I need it.  I need to get out of here. I need to be there when my husband returns from deployment. I just need to start my new life and stop being in limbo.



2 thoughts on “Welcome back to me

  1. I’d feel a little funny in your position, too, like I was being replaced before I was even gone. When this awkward transitional phase is over and you’re firmly ensconced in your new job in your new location, I suspect any ambivalence about your successor will give way to relief that your former work is in competent hands.

    Meanwhile, good thoughts are being thunk on my end that you get to stop livin’ la vida limbo sooner rather than later. I know how much it sucks!

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