Secret Santa, Blogger Style!

The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.
~Pierre Corneille, Le Menteur

I read on The Mrs. Trying Our Best blog that there is a blogger Secret Santa going on. Sounds like fun since Christmas will be a bit odd this year since Huzzy is deployed (Christmas will happen when he comes back) and we already got our Christmas gift from my mom (she sent us whitewater rafting in August!).

So I decided that since it’s just $10, I’ll participate. I need some fun anyway and it’s always nice to get to know more bloggers.  I declined to do Secret Santa with GreyTalk because the limit is something like $30 and that can buy a lot of stuff/toys for dogs! I don’t need more “stuff” to move but I can move $10 worth of human stuff (sorry puppies… you’ll get “stuff” next year!).

I’ll make a post in the next couple days and will tell you a really cool thing that my work is doing (I’ll admit, it was partly my idea, so I’m geeked about it). That, and some great things have been happening and I’m just hoping to not jinx them by blogging about them too much.


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