I Swear I’m in the Movie “Groundhog Day”

Winter is nature’s way of saying, “Up yours.”
~Robert Byrne

It’s winter. It may not be “winter” for another 18 days, but when “significant Lake Effect Snow” is forecast, it’s winter. And that makes me very sad. You see, I thought I’d be out of here by then and off to my new life with Huzzy in Washington. Heck, I figured I’d be out of here by the start of fall. Yeah, THAT didn’t happen.

—-> insert: Oh good gosh, I just looked outside and can’t see the freakin’ road. How fun is that. Blech.  HUGE snowflakes.

So here I am, starting a holiday season and winter without Huzzy. And without a heavy winter coat. And snow boots. And my nice leather gloves. And a snow shovel. Yep, all of those are in the storage shed in Washington. Lovely. Of course, it wouldn’t matter if I was in Washington or not, Huzzy would be gone. But I hate having to buy stuff that I’m just going to have to move. Stuff that I’ve already purchased. It really seems like a waste of money.

Guess what else is in the storage unit in Washington?  All my Christmas decorations. So me, who loves the Christmas season like none other, is stuck in a barren house (woo-hoo for the TV, couch and mattress on the floor!) watching everyone else get ready for the season to spend with family and not only am I missing my Huzzy, but I’m also not able feel like it’s Christmas since there are no decorations. I can’t even bake the 23 dozen cookies that I normally bake. I have 1/2 cookie sheet. Uh, yeah, that’s not going to work for that many cookies!  Besides… guess where my mixing bowels and Kitchen Aid mixer are?  Mmm-hmm. Storage.  At least they are enjoying a nice, climate-controlled existence and are nice and toasty. Which reminds me. I need to pay the storage unit fee by January 1st (since we paid 2 months up front to get a month free).

Christmas is a little… not there for me this year (except for the awesomely fun snow that WordPress allows on blogs for free during time of year.. yay!). But I am participating in the (not-so) Secret Santa exchange that Allison at I Heart Change put together and that should be tons of fun. It’s (not-so) secret because everything is posted on her blog.  Funnily enough, I got Allison.  She’s a new mom and an Army wife.  The gift is $10 or less…  now what the heck should I get?

I seriously feel like I’m in the movie “Groundhog Day.”  Okay, maybe I’ve never seen that movie, but I feel like what the movie sounds like. I just get up, let the dogs out, get in the shower, feed the dogs, let the dogs out, go to work, come home, let the dogs out, feed the dogs, let the dogs out and then go to bed. And then get up and do it all over again. Huzzy and I don’t have the money for me to do anything else or go out or do anything fun like that. Well, we do, but if I have to move and we lose one income, we need to have a bit in savings to keep us going.

I do have a feeling that these next few days I’m going to WISH it was the same-old, same-old. You see, back when I went to Newport to do the week of active duty at the beginning of November, I had a problem finding someone to take the greyhounds. My mom realized she just couldn’t do it.  So I found someone to take them. In exchange, I get to watch her monsters sweeties for 3 1/2 days. And yes, I realize I have to watch them less, but my dogs aren’t problems. Hers have to be in crates whenever you are out of the house.

Why you might ask? Because one will chew up the entire house if left out and the other will pee all over the house.  Oh, and guess what! The chewer has horrible separation anxiety. And one of them need daily, or twice-daily, pills. Oh, and they are poo eaters.  Oh, and they like to kill cats… which means Jake and Sadie get to spend some quality time locked in a room together.  But wait… one of them is a severe Alpha dog.  She likes to boss my Lulu around.  Hey, did you count that? That’s FIVE dogs living in a 1080 sq ft house.  Minus the cat room. And the spare room that has my stuff to take to WA. That leaves… oh, probably 700 sq ft. And this house can’t be shown to prospective buyers while they are there (’cause I don’t have a car big enough to get all five out!).

Can I go back to Groundhog Day?


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