Winter either bites with its teeth or lashes with its tail.

The yay was both sarcastic and heartfelt at the same time.

The truthful yay is that I finally found and purchased gifts for Allison at I Heart Change. I can’t say anything on here until she receives and opens the gift but let’s just say that Michigan has some wonderful things to offer.

Okay, the sarcastic yay.  Winter is biting with its teeth and lashing with its tail. We are under a blizzard warning. We usually only get a couple of those a year. Winds are supposed to increase to 45-50MPH by this afternoon. That’s on top of the 6″-10″ of snow that we are supposed to get with it.  The National Weather Service is telling everyone to hurry up and complete all travel as soon as possible and not to travel tonight and not at all tomorrow. They are predicting widespread power outages due to the high winds and wet, heavy snow.  Hey, at least I have a fireplace (that I’ve not used in the four years I’ve been in this house).

This isn’t fair… I’m supposed to be in Washington where the “worst” winter weather is a few inches of snow.   I’m going to go hide in a hole right now.


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