Go! Go! GO!

Football is not a contact sport.  It’s a collision sport.  Dancing is a good example of a contact sport.
~Duffy Daugherty

Go NAVY... beat ARMY!!!

Go LAKERS, beat


I am not a sports fan. Huzzy doesn’t watch sports. I found myself a man after my own heart… he watches the Superbowl for the commercials.

But when it comes to my alma mater, I will watch their Division II playoffs.  Today, the Grand Valley State University Lakers will take one of their rivals, the Northwest Missouri State Bearcats for the Division II championship game on ESPN.

And I love watching the Army-Navy game. I will admit, I’ve only been interested in it since I met Huzzy. But this is the first year that I am Navy too.  So I really want to watch it.

Too bad both the games are on at the same time. Guess I’ll be acting like a true sports nut (which I’m not) and do some channel switching for the entirety of them. However, I’m sure the Lakers game is going to be more interesting since Navy has smashed Army five years in a row. It’s looking like the Lakers are predicted to lose 20 to 26.

That’s not much. And nothing that we haven’t come up and beaten before. It’ll be an interesting game.


2 thoughts on “Go! Go! GO!

  1. Heh, I watch the army-navy game for the spirit messages! It has kind of become one-sided. It was different this year, with hubby being away and not being stationed on an army post. There was always a lot of competition with banners and stuff like that 😦

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