Thursday Thirteen #12: 13 Things I Look Forward to When I Finally Live with Huzzy

More marriages might survive if the partners realized that sometimes the better comes after the worse.
~Doug Larson

Better HAS to come after the worse for us. Because this is getting bad. The actual deployment doesn’t bother me. I signed up for that. What I DIDN’T sign up for was also being apart from him while he’s on land.

If I were in Washington, I’d still not have him for Christmas. However, I could get through Christmas quite easily because I could look forward to the coming months when we’d be together. However, as it is now, it’s looking like–unless there is a miracle–I won’t move until after he’s left on another deployment.  He has told me that his “land time” has been changed and will be very, very short before going back out to sea.

It’s time for the Thursday Thirteen again. If you have a Thursday Thirteen of your own, leave your website in the comments section and I’ll try my darndest to visit it :)

So here I am, looking into the future and not knowing when I’ll see my husband again.  Not knowing when I’ll get to live with him again.  So for today’s Thursday Thirteen, I’m doing a list of 13 Things I Look Forward to When I Finally Live with My Husband Again.

13 Things I Look Forward to When I Finally Live with Huzzy

  1. Waking up next to him every morning.
  2. Laying my head on his shoulder.
  3. It will be HIS turn to take care of all the dogs.
  4. He holds my hand when we are in the car.  Awww.
  5. If I’m living with Huzzy, that means we are settled. Which means I’ll have all my clothes… not the 10 changes I currently have.
  6. If we are settled, I will have a real bed. Not a twin mattress on the floor.
  7. Huzzy taking out the garbage.
  8. Cuddling together on the couch watching a movie.
  9. Having him come up behind me and slide his arms around my waist and give me a big hug… at random times.
  10. Having someone to cook for.
  11. Having someone to talk to after I leave work and share things with.
  12. … intimate things.
  13. Him. Most of all, I just look forward to being around him.


8 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #12: 13 Things I Look Forward to When I Finally Live with Huzzy

  1. I hope you live with him soon. Also, thank you both so much for the sacrifices you are making for us.

    We appreciate them, more than you know.

    Merry Christmas.

  2. Your post put a tear in my eyes and makes me appreciate the fact that my husband is here with me.
    I know that one day, those things in your list will gonna come to life and you don’t have to worry no more…
    Have a great holidays!

  3. separation is hard. the little witnessing daily life is what matters not the special occasions. waking up not alone, small remarks that make the day more full. hope you’re reunited soon.

  4. I’m sorry that his land time keeps changing. I know it’s really rough to be apart so long.

    I’d heard that Navy spends the least amount of time with their families and I guess that is turning out to be true for y’all.

    And you’re right. Sometimes the most GOOD comes after the bad.

  5. It’s not the deployments… it’s us not being together when he’s on land due to stupid factors (me not being able to find a job in WA and not being able to sell the house here in MI). THAT’S what is frustrating. Not being there for the short time that he IS on land.

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