GIVEAWAY for my 100th post!

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today.  Have you used one to say “thank you?”
~William A. Ward

So my 100th post is coming up very soon.  Like this is my 98th post.  I just realized I should do something special for my 100th post. Now, we don’t have a lot of money right now and have to really save money just in case I have to go on unemployment if I don’t have a job when I move to Washington, so I can’t spend a lot.

But, hey, a freebie is a freebie, right?  I’m offering a choice of a $10 gift card for iTunes or a $10 gift card to someplace else of the winner’s choice.

Leave a comment on this post and you’ll get an entry.  Want a better chance to win? Here are some other ways to enter.

  • Leave a comment (like I already mentioned)
  • Tweet about my contest (make sure you let me know you did this)
  • Announce my contest on your blog (again, make sure you let me know you did this)
  • Ask a question that you’d like me to answer in my 100th post (ya know, to learn more about me or get my opinion on things, etc)

So, in theory, you can get four different entries. And since I don’t have many readers, you have a good chance to win, anyway!  I’ll use the random number chooser thingy to impartially pick the winner. You have until next Sunday (27DEC) at 1200 EST (that’s noon on the East Coast!) to enter.

In my 100th  post, I’ll answer your questions and maybe provide you with more information (that you didn’t ask! ha!) about me.

Good luck!


7 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY for my 100th post!

  1. Comment. 😉

    Aren’t you excited about 100 posts? It’s fun to blog…

    And I LOVED the gifts you sent. I’ll probably post about it closer to Christmas…. since I shouldn’t have immediately openned it. But I could never wait until Christmas!

  2. I would love to connect with you on twitter but can’t find your tweet name…maybe it’s just not my day? LOL
    Anyhow, congrats on your soon 100th blog entry. It’s amazing how fast one can accumulate 100 entries though! I am on my blog since September and wrote 46. If I tell my old teacher that I am writing he would roll his eyes and think “poor world” ….but it’s fun.

    It might be a little self-serving but I would just love it if you were to blog about my website. Being a milwife myself I found it terribly frustrating finding good, first hand info on installation and life around it. So I took matters in my own hands hoping that lots of others join me.

  3. Susanna,

    I’m not on Twitter for my personal blog (I’m on it as a Navy PAO), but I thought if people twittered about my blog contest, it was a good way to give people an extra chance to win!

    As for your website, I’ll take a look at it for sure. Sounds interesting. I can’t blog much (read: only one more post, HA!) until my 100th post, so remind me after the New Year if I haven’t blogged about it yet.

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