Christmas is a time when you get homesick – even when you’re home.
~Carol Nelson

Christmas was…  yeah.  It was great to spend time with my mom and brother (and my brother’s new girlfriend). We did what our family normally does for holidays.  The TV was off and we played games and cards all day.  It was great.

Great except the fact that Huzzy wasn’t there. I didn’t get a call from him, either. Now, I haven’t received a call for seven weeks from him, but I was hoping against hope that they’d let them call home for Christmas.  Oh well, they must be on a pretty important mission. I got an e-mail from him and that was the third best (behind having him with me and a phone call). It was good to get that.

I’m still doing the Couch to 5K program that I mentioned here. I’m supposed to start on Week 4.  That consists of 3 minutes running, 90 seconds of walking, 5 minutes of running, 2 1/2 minutes of walking, 3 minutes of running, 90 seconds of walking and then 5 minutes of running.  I know me. I know I could do the five minutes of running… but with only 90 seconds of walking before, I’m not sure I can do that.

I’m actually thinking I might just try to skip ahead to Week 5. Believe it or not, it actually looks easier. More running, but more walking time. The first workout of the week is 5 minutes of running followed by 3 minutes of walking. This is repeated for a total of three times.   The second workout is just 8 minutes of running, 5 minutes of walking then 8 minutes of running.  And the third workout is supposed to be a straight 20 minutes of running.

Yeah, I’ve known from the beginning that I was NOT going to do that third workout when it came time for it. I can’t go from running 8 minutes to running 20.  And the next week (Week 6) is easier than the 20 minutes. I’ll just repeat the 2nd workout again.

Of course, I screw everything up because I am doing this 9 week program in about four. You are supposed to run three times a week. I’m actually doing each “week” in four days (which is one more workout  in the “week” than required). By going to a new week every four days, I can cut the program down by almost half.

So yeah, here I go. Week 4. Or Week 5 if I can do it!


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