It’s Time!

“The future is always beginning now.”
~Mark Strand,
Reasons for Moving

For those of you who follow me on Twitter (wifeyofasailor… but if you aren’t a MilSpouse or somehow connected to the military, I’ll probably block you if you don’t message me to let me know who you are!), you know I’ve been hinting at a secret that I was about to reveal. Well, it’s time to do that. Since I let my boss know at work yesterday.

I purchased Huzzy a ticket to come here to Michigan to visit me at the end of February. A one-way ticket.

No, he’s not going AWOL and running away from the Navy. He’s coming here and driving me back to Washington, ya’ll. That’s right. I’m moving. At that point, we’ll have been married just a few weeks shy of one year and spent only 7 1/2 weeks of that.  Many of you who have gone through deployment will be like, “Yeah, my deployment was 14 months, what of it?”  And those who aren’t MilSpouses may say, “That’s what you signed up for when you married him.”  (HINT: NEVER tell a MilSpouse that’s what he/she signed up for. That’s a 0-60 bad reaction waiting to happen).

Well, yeah, I signed up for deployments and dealing with them. But I DIDN’T sign up for being away from my husband because the economy sucks and I can’t sell my house. Only a few months of that time we’ve been apart has been due to deployment.

Of course, he’ll deploy a few short weeks from the time I arrive in Washington, but that’s another topic later. But at least I’ll get to spend a few weeks with him before I won’t see him until mid-to-late-summer.  A few weeks is better than nothing, eh?

And for those who are excited that I’ve finally sold my house or got a job… uh, no. We just can’t do this anymore. So I’m going to go on unemployment (Michigan allows MilSpouses to do this if their spouse is PCSed to another region) and try to find one in Washington. I know it’ll be sooo much easier to find one when I’m actually living in the area.

As for the house… well, that’s a very sore subject that I don’t want to write about in this VERY happy post. I’ll do it another time.

So in just seven weeks (funny, the amount of time we’ve lived together during our marriage), I’ll be living with my husband again.

*do a little dance… sing a little song*

Can you tell how freakin’ happy I am? OMG, I can’t even stand it.


11 thoughts on “It’s Time!

  1. How awesome! I am so happy for you that you will get to be together, for a little while anyway. Hopefully the house will sell (or maybe you can rent it out?) very soon!

    And you are SO right, never tell a mil spouse that this is what they signed up for! Ugh!

  2. SO, SO, SO excited for you!!! THat is GREAT NEWS!! And I agree on the whole, THAT IS WHAT YOU SIGNED UP FOR!! UGH!! And we signed up before 9/11 happened!! Anyways, that is a whole post for any military spouse!!

  3. That’s great!!!! You’ll love Washington, we were there for 4 years and I miss it.

    What about that deal for military families where if you can’t sell your house or lose money on it, you get reimbursed, or some kind of deal? Will that apply? Does it work? We’ve never owned a home, so I can’t help you there, but maybe it’s an option?

  4. ABW: Possibly. The house was purchased in the right time. But it was before Huzzy and I ever met, so his name isn’t on it. Which is a good thing since it’s probably going to go to foreclosure (post about that later) and won’t hurt Huzzy’s credit. But because his name isn’t on it, not sure it would work for us. That, and if it goes to foreclosure, not sure if that’ll work, either.

  5. That is so exciting! Any time you can spend together before a deployment is worth it. Rhode Island also offered unemployment when you moved to follow a spouse’s job so that is what I did when Doc and I were finally able to live together, it made the transition so much easier. Congratulations

  6. That’s SO fabulous!!!

    And as to the ’14 months’ and whether or not you should feel like that stinks or not. OF COURSE it stinks. In my opinion there is no WORSE feeling that having your guy NOT deployed, but not being able to be with him either. It’s time you were with your hubby. And I’m going to celebrate that with you!!!

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