A Winner!

Each day comes bearing its own gifts.  Untie the ribbons.
~Ruth Ann Schabacke

I still don’t have internet connection at the new house yet. So in order to write this post, I’ve had to go to a cute little diner that has wi-fi. It’s not so bad since they have awesome pies 😉

When I get Internet connection and some time, I’ll have to tell you about our cross-country trip. For now, I think the only thing ya’ll are looking for is to find out who the winner is. I was surprised at how FEW Wal-Mart trucks we actually saw. Had we been counting, say, FedEx trucks, the number would have been upwards of 300-500. But apparently, Wal-Mart trucks aren’t as prevalent on the road.  Heck, we saw three times as many police cars as WalMart (we started counting for a prizeless contest on my Facebook page).

Several of you were close. Very close. However, one person hit the nail on the head. I mean, right on. She needs to go on The Price is Right. The contest was guessing the number without going over.

We saw exactly 43 WalMart trucks. And MrsSgtB from Married to the Military guessed 43.  So you win! Congrats!

Please send me your mailing information [wifeofasailor (at) gmail (dot) com].  Let me know the things you like (clothing, restaurants, fun places for the kids) and I’ll research the area where you live and what gift cards are available here that will work where you are. I’ll send you a list of choices and you can just let me know what you want!

Yay! That was fun.
Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post. It’s all about how Huzzy and I met as we celebrate our FIRST anniversary. Hint: it involves narcotics … legal ones… and bad decisions that turned out to be good!


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