And the World Keeps Spinning

Life is simple, it’s just not easy.
~Author Unknown

Things have been busy lately. Last Friday, I babysat the six month old and a three year old again. The six month old boy was having a hard time sleeping. I think he’s teething again. He would sleep for half an hour or an hour and then be up screaming. He actually screamed/cried/whimpered for the last hour and a half before his mom came home. The only thing that would help calm him is holding him in my arms and walking through the house. Circles and circles. Swaying didn’t work. Rocking didn’t work. Holding him in any position but in my left arm didn’t work.

When I handed him to his mom, I felt it. That stabbing, aching pinch in my shoulder. Followed by the tingling/numbness in my elbow and down my arm to my pinky and ring finger. It was back. The injury from DCO school.

So I dealt with it while I went to Baltimore for the PA/VI Symposium for my reserve duty. And I called my doctor today. She wanted me to go to Urgent Care. Um, no. This is a nagging injury and I’m pretty sure TriCare won’t pay for Urgent Care for it. She was able to get me in to her office, though, if I “came immediately.” So I did. Of course I hadn’t showered yet. And she referred me to physical therapy and to an electro-something to see if my nerves were working properly.

The electro place couldn’t get me in for two weeks unless I came “immediately.” So I drove to Tacoma for the appointment. They stuck probably 30+ tiny needles in me and ran varying levels of electrical currents through them to see how my nerves would react (not all at once… it was needle stick, electrical current, electrical current, electrical current). It was mostly just uncomfortable but some were pretty painful. Some just reminded me of grabbing the electrical fence when I was a kid.

After that was finished, the doctor said all my nerves are sending the proper currents so I don’t have any permanent damage. That’s good. He seems to think everything will be better in 2-4 weeks. Considering how long this has been going on, I hope he’s right. And I hope that the physical therapy will make it happen sooner.

I sure hope so because I’m supposed to have a PFA next Saturday. That’s not happening now. Which means I’ll be put on TNPQ (Temporarily Not Physically Qualified), which is not usually a big deal in active duty, but it is in the Reserves. On active duty, you can just go light duty and carry on. In the Reserves, you aren’t allowed to do anything but drill. That means no AT and no active duty.  For me, that means if this doesn’t get better, there will be no Japan and South Korea in July and no DINFOS in August and September. That would piss me off so freakin’ much.

I just need to get better. Really, really do.

Information about my trip to Baltimore, including the awesome people I got to meet and the first challenge coin I ever received, will be coming.


One thought on “And the World Keeps Spinning

  1. Eek, needles! I am a gibbering needlephobe, and I’m pretty sure the electrification would add a whole new dimension of horror to the experience. I’m so sorry you had to go through that, and I hope the two to four weeks for a full recovery go by quickly.

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