Some Days You’re the Dog, Some Days You’re the Fire Hydrant

I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing.
~Agatha Christie

Sometimes submarine duty just sucks. Deployment is never fun but when you thrown in weeks and weeks of no communication (not even an email), it really gets tiring. There are just times that I want to talk to Huzzy. Actually, I’d settle for just an email. Though I email him (and have been told by the COB from the off crew that they are indeed getting our emails… just none coming back), I have no way of getting support/answers from him.

Not that I can tell him much of what is REALLY going on lately. We aren’t supposed to tell them negative things. Nor do I really want him to worry about things that are going on here when he not only can’t do anything about them, but can’t even talk to me about them. He doesn’t need that stress.

You all know of the comedy of errors that has been my life recently (Last year and again and some from this year). Actually you don’t, because I generally don’t blog about all the negative things (though if you follow me on Twitter, you get a pretty good show of what’s been going on).

Well, Chase had a dental done yesterday. I was told he was going to lose 2-4 teeth. It wasn’t surprising for me because I knew his teeth were bad and, if you know Greyhounds, you know that it’s pretty normal for them. But what was surprising is when they called when he was finished and they told me they had to pull nine of them. My poor baby. I feel so bad for him. Not only because of the pain he’s in right now, but also because of the pain he must have been in before in order for them to feel pulling nine was the best choice for him.

Poor baby has a hard time coming out of anesthesia. His hind end doesn’t come back very quickly (keeps folding under him), so he had to stay overnight at the vet’s. Today, he’s definitely in pain and is still very lethargic. Still has a bloody mouth, too. And the poor baby has a droopy lip since his tongue is poking out in places because there are no teeth to hold it in.

Beyond that, the end result was a vet bill that doubled what I was expecting. Double. The original estimate is what we had left in our savings account plus $250. That savings account was supposed to supplement our household income since I was unemployed and we are living on less than six months ago.  Luckily, the vet allowed me to pay just the estimate and I gave me 30 days to pay the rest.

So, I believe I will have to sell my car to make it through. The car that we bought to help save money so I could sell the small SUV I had that I was making payments on. The Jetta was purchased with the equity I had in the SUV. Which left several thousand still in the bank to help supplement the household income until I found a job.

Only… the car started breaking immediately. After that reference, there was the shocks, struts, tie rod and motor mounts that  were found that needed to be fixed. I’ve paid more in repairs than what we paid for the car. And now, I guess there is something else that is wrong. I was going to take it to the dealership (well, ask someone else to take it there since I haven’t had an opportunity to learn how to drive it yet) and see how much it would take to finally and officially get it fixed.

But… I’m thinking the only way I can really pay for the vet bill is to sell the car. We won’t get it all back, but with the “brand new” stuff on it, we might at least get what we paid for. We’d still be several thousand in the hole, though. Normally, we’d definitely need two cars, but with Huzzy still gone on deployment for a while and with me leaving for my schooling in August (supposedly, according to the Navy… we know how that goes) and not getting out until October. So really, we don’t need two separate vehicles until then. And the extra money would be nice to have as a bit of a cushion. Hopefully around that time we’d be able to afford another cheap car.

There’s more, but I’m just exhausted from writing all of this. Maybe later. Or maybe not since I don’t always blog about it.

I hope you all have a great week!


4 thoughts on “Some Days You’re the Dog, Some Days You’re the Fire Hydrant

  1. Hi…Just a thought…Check and see if your vet participates or would accept payment from a company called carecredit DOT com. It’s worth a shot so that you don’t have to sell a vehicle. So sorry to hear about your dog, we’ have a little dog with back issues himself. Not fun. Best of luck to you.

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