Wordless Wednesday #14: Mountain Majesty

Truly it may be said that the outside of a mountain is good for the inside of a man.
~George Wherry,
Alpine Notes and the Climbing Foot, 1896


It’s Wordless Wednesday again!  Leave a message and I’ll try to return the favor.

Mt. Rainier barely seen through the haze of the setting sun.


4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #14: Mountain Majesty

  1. Of course I don’t mind. I’m honored (it’s my desktop background too for a while).

  2. That Lake just made my day…its so beautiful!

    I have you listed under my Military Resources…I just started my new blog, since my husband just joined the army and he is currently at Basic and then heading to Officer Candidate school in the fall. I am excited about my life in the army and I am glad to find military spouses like you on the blogosphere.

    You can find my blog at Musings Of An Army Wife I have followed you, so feel free to follow me back. Have a terrific day!

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