Friday Funny #15: The Best of Friday Funnies

Seven days without laughter makes one weak.
~Mort Walker

It’s time for the next “Friday Funny.” As a Navy wife with a husband who isn’t home much (and not at all right now) sometimes things can get a bit melancholy. And the best way to help that is to make  yourself and other smile. So that’s what I’m doing.

Please join me with the “Friday Funny” meme. It can be anything from a comment that made you laugh or a funny story or even a funny photo/video you have seen.  Leave a comment if you post one and I’ll visit your blog to see!

This week I looked back on some of my previous “Friday Funnies.”  They made me laugh all over again. So in case you missed them, here are some favorites (starting with my absolute favorite that will make me laugh anytime, anywhere):

Don’t forget to check out the rest of my Friday Funnies.

UK Commercial: Mow the Lawn

The Evil Look Video (the cutest evil look you’ll have see!)

Proud Navy Captain Spoof

Skah the Scary Guard Dog

(please ignore the messy countertops, I’d just gone grocery shopping)


2 thoughts on “Friday Funny #15: The Best of Friday Funnies

  1. Is your guard dog a Great Pyrenees? I have one back home and they look similar. I am new to the blog world but I did do the Friday Fill-In so hopefully I can keep that up! You have such a great blog thanks for being out there!

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