Thursday Thirteen #14: 13 Things I Love About Washington

Where thou art – that – is Home.
~Emily Dickinson

It’s time for the Thursday Thirteen again (okay so I missed a week or two… or months, whatever). If you have a Thursday Thirteen of your own, leave your website in the comments section and I’ll try my darndest to visit it :)

This week’s TT is dedicated to my new home state. I love it so much. Huzzy and I plan to be here as long as we can. And we are planning on retiring here when we get to that point.

The Top 13 Reasons I Love Washington State

  1. This state has the best roads I’ve ever seen. I’m coming from Michigan where everything is under road construction, but no road will be fixed unless a pothole swallows a car. Seriously. They won’t patch until the pothole is nearly a foot wide.  Just the other day, I went through road construction here where they were tearing up the road. Um, I’m didn’t even notice ANY potholes on the road and yet it’s being fixed. Yay!

    Mt. Rainier barely seen through the haze of the setting sun.

  2. I love being near the water. Coming from Michigan, we were never were more than an hour from a Great Lake. I love being so close to water everywhere here.
  3. Speaking of water… I am LOVING the tides here. I love how it changes the beaches (if you can call rocks that).
  4. I love the house I’m in and the large backyard for the dogs (even though my landlords are kinda a pain in the rear)
  5. I love how green everything is. Even when we arrived in winter and there weren’t any leaves on the trees, the evergreens and the grass were still green.
  6. I love the weather. When it “rains” it is 99% of the time still LIGHT outside. Nothing like in Michigan when it rains and the sky turns so dark it could be night. Heck, most of the time when they call for a rainy day, it only rains for like 10% of the day. In Michigan, if it’s a rainy day, it RAINS ALL DAY.
  7. Speaking of rain… uh, what they call rain here is what we call “sprinkles” and “misting” in Michigan. People freak out here when it actually rains hard.
  8. People freak out with snow too. If lucky, they may get 10 inches of snow total in a year. Compare that to the 170+ inches we received last year in Michigan and… heck, I’ll take the 10 inches. And ya know what, I’ll actually ENJOY the snow. I hate snow in Michigan because It. Never. Stops. But here, I’ll take it!
  9. And the temperature? Uh… yeah, 40 isn’t that cold (not when you PRAY for windchills above 0 for weeks on end in Michigan and cheer when they hit 20 above).  And there is no freakin’ humidity here. Seriously. I was here when the “OhMyGodI’mGonnaDie” heat hit last summer. All 90-100 degrees of it. And I was confused because it felt like 80 to me. I like not walking outside and being drenched in sweat immediately. Or feeling as though you’ve stepped into a sauna so hot your breath is taken away. Or so hot that if you sit on a penny in a hot car, Lincoln is permanently burned on your thigh (ah-hem.. Sespi!)
  10. This place is really dog friendly. Michigan is not.
  11. I’m absolutely loving the military spouses I’ve met here. I think I’m making more friends here than I have ever.
  12. I love the mountains. Love, love, LOVE them. Olympics to my west and Cascades to my east. My breath is taken away every time I come over a hill and see the snow-capped mountains. Especially on clear days when I can see Mt. Rainier looming like it’s just a few miles away.
  13. And the best reason ever: This where Huzzy will return when he comes back from sea. This is our home.


13 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #14: 13 Things I Love About Washington

  1. Love it! WA is my home state too. My dad was born and raised here and we moved back when I was in the first grade! When the army sends us elsewhere I always miss the trees. No where else has trees quite like WA. Not even AK. The whole state doesn’t freak out about snow though. I grew up in Central WA and we’ve got winter DOWN! Especially during the ones where the snow is up to your roof or you have to shovel your car out to get in it so the plow doesn’t plow you in. Love it all! We will be retiring here too. How can you not once you’ve been here?

  2. Wow I really want to move to Washington now!! I thought it rained all the time. MIsting is not rain! HA! And Missouri got more than 10 inches of snow the whole winter! CRAZY!!

  3. We’re still considering Portland, which has similar weather to Washington. Thanks for this list…it gives me some confidence in still coming out to visit to see for ourselves!

    So happy that you’re enjoying yourself out there!

    BTW, loving the new blog design 🙂

  4. No I haven’t… I’ve only been here a few months. I’ll have to look those up… thank you!

  5. If you don’t mind me asking, where in WA are you stationed? I was born and raised there… and well I don’t have as many nice things to say ha. The mountains for sure are a great thing along with all the trees. But that’s about it for me. Oh just a heads up, people will complain about the weather NO MATTER WHAT there! It’s a tad bit annoying ha. Either it’s raining to much, cloudy for too long, too hot for a few days ha. Seattle rocks though, I miss that!

  6. I swear I could’ve written this post! It’s so nice to have a fellow Michigander out here in Washington and knows it’s AMAZING here!

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