A Not-So-Quick Update

When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Looking back at my blog I’ve realized that I haven’t given a real honest-to-goodness post in a while. Snippets here and there, yes. But not real meat ‘n potatoes.

*sigh* Is this deployment over yet?

The deployment is plodding along. Well, his, anyway. But then I head out to Ft. Meade the first week of August to go to DINFOS, or the Defense Information School. This is the last of the training I have to do to be ready to learn all that the Navy wants me to learn. I won’t get out of the school until the first week of October.  Looking at the schedule, it looks like we might have a four day weekend for Labor Day, so Huzzy and I are hoping that one of us can fly to see the other. If we are lucky, we’ll get a few days to a week total between now and when I return in October to see each other. Then, we can start living together as a married couple… well, until his next deployment, which isn’t too far after October.

Seriously… can you believe that I go to the school in just over a MONTH and TWO MONTHS from then is October? You hear that ladies (and gents!) who have spouses that are deployed? October is not that far off!

And on the Navy Reserve front… my orders may not go through! No folks, no need to check the date and think this is a post from my cancelled orders to Hawaii from April. Or my canceled orders to Central/South America in May. Nope, these are my order, my two weeks’ AT to South Korea. Yes, we are working on the third set of (hopefully not) canceled orders.

Remember when I talked about being TNPQed (Temporarily Not Physically Qualified)? Well, my doctor has said I am all set to go back full duty with no restrictions. Only, my reserve center (NOSC) isn’t satisfied with the letter. They need more information. So I have to go back tomorrow and get it. Then hope that my PCM will have time to sign it. Because in order for me to go on AT this year, my orders have to be approved by 30JUN or they won’t be funded. In order for my orders to be approved, I cannot be TNPQed.

Tomorrow is 29JUN. Ya’ll know how quick the Navy (or any branch) is to get things done. They are even talking about having to go through BUMED to get approval because SOMEONE in the NOSC somehow put in that my problem was orthopedic. Never has it been orthopedic. It’s always been muscular/nerves. If BUMED has to get involved, there is NO WAY I’ll be able to get off TNPQ in time for my orders to be approved.

And that sucks. That totally sucks. I’ve been looking forward to going to South Korea for months. Every time I had problems with the cancel/no cancel on my orders, I’ve always told myself, “Well, at least you have South Korea.”  And now that is in limbo.

In other news, I’m very very excited that a friend from Michigan is coming to visit Seattle/Portland with one of her friends and they are going to stay with me for a bit. Di was one of the first people I got to know when I moved to a new school my sophomore year. I remember being invited to her 16th birthday party. She wanted a “grownup” party, so we all dressed in formals and were served tea and cookies.

Seriously. No joke. We had a tea party. HA!

Then we went into her house and Di picked up a guitar and we all started singing songs. Sitting on the floor. In our formals. Good times, good times.

Di is the ying to my yang. She is an earthy soul who is a kind of “namaste” calming spirit. Which I’ll need. Because while she’s here, the landlords from hell are going to be doing what is going to become their monthly “inspection” of the house… both inside and out. Because apparently, I’ve violated the lease.  She doesn’t know it yet, but if she’s here, she’s going to be my witness when the landwhorelords come in. If not, my friend R will.

Yup, we are horrible, rotten no-good tenants because there were two occasions where I didn’t mow the lawn for two weeks. Once because it rained for two weeks straight and the grass didn’t ever dry out enough to be cut. And the second time because… uh, it rained and then I was gone for five days to a conference in Baltimore. Then it rained some more after I got back.

Yes, we are horrible tenants. Landlords beware. And be afraid, very afraid because when it comes to our rent… we pay the day it’s  due. Oh no. Very horrible tenants. Never rent to us. Because we just may not mow the lawn for two weeks. And that is–apparently–unacceptable.


10 thoughts on “A Not-So-Quick Update

  1. Oh yeah, terrible tenants. It’s clearly a slippery slope from not mowing the lawn when it’s raining to having Dionysian orgies in the front yard.

    It’s a shame that the landlords were able to hide their crrrray-zay until after you were locked into a lease, but at least you know you don’t have to deal with them forever. They’re stuck with their bizarre-o paranoia for life.

  2. Ugh your landlords sound like jerks! I’m happy my landlady (houselady? We’re just borrowing her house that she uses to store things lol) is pretty easy-going. She’s only annoying when she comes here to do laundry about once a week and just sits on her computer to play some game. I try not to be here when she’s around, but she’s relatively a nice person despite being a hoarder. You should have SEEN this place when we moved in! Ugh. Anyway, I digress.

    Good luck with South Korea! I really hope it works out for you 🙂 It’s kind of sucky they don’t give you much time to sort that all out, but hopefully it’s enough so you can go!

  3. You used a lot of acronyms that I didn’t understand…but I think I got the gist of it all 🙂 I hope things work out by tomorrow!

    My hubs is at Ft. Meade!

  4. Sorry, I thought I had explained all of them… I get just as bad as my husband sometimes!

  5. heres what i dont get with landlords… which would you rather have a mowed lawn or rent on time and a house that isnt trashed? seems obvious to me.

    hope all the active, not active, active not active works itself out for you!

  6. For someone who is renting out a house in Washington, you’d like they know how much is rains and how often people are able to cut there grass. Some people ha

  7. The Mrs… since the rain stopped, it’s been mowed EVERY week. I even hired someone to do it!

    Emily… you would think. I just think these people (the wife, actually, the husband is cool) just can’t stand the fact that someone is in “their” home and are looking for reasons to “control” everything.

  8. Your landlords suck! I thought yall were going to move? Good luck on SK orders! I know you are tired of going back and forth on these deployments.

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