MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #2

Remember, we all stumble, every one of us.  That’s why it’s a comfort to go hand in hand.
~Emily Kimbrough

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In
(please feel free to use this!)

I love learning more about my fellow MilSpouse bloggers. So I created a weekly meme. Each week, I’ll post a list of questions on Thursday (so you can have your blog ready on Friday). Come back here on Friday (like today!) and enter your blog post into Mr. Linky below so others know who else participated and we can all visit other blogs. Please leave a comment too! And please feel free to use the button above!

1. Tell us about your dream job… one that you could do regardless of pay.
My dream job is something that I’ve wanted to do since I was a teen. Maybe a pre-teen. I’ve wanted to open my own summer camp for children with life-threatening illnesses. Because I think a lot of them don’t get to really experience some of what “healthy” children do. This summer camp would have to have an on-site mini-hospital to dispense any drugs/medication that these ill children would need. I’d also dedicate a week or two to the siblings of the ill children… because I think sometimes they get short-handed because a lot of the attention has to be given to the sick child.

Anyway, I don’t think it’ll ever work out. But it’s a dream.

2. What is your most prized material possession (kids and pets don’t count!)?
Why do I ask questions that I can’t answer? Um… well, I love the rings Huzzy gave me. And most recently, he gave me REAL Mikimoto pearl earrings and a necklace. I also have a gorgeous diamond necklace that my grandma gave me… it was my great-great aunt’s engagement ring (or anniversary ring… my cousin and I each got one and neither knows which is which).

3. What has been your favorite duty station and why?
Well, we’ve only been at two together. And I have to say that while the first was in my home state and where I had been living for YEARS before meeting Huzzy… my favorite is where we are right now. Western Washington State. Here at Naval Base Kitsap.  I love it because of the geography. The people I’ve met so far. And because I feel like I fit in here. Mostly because there are other Navy people here. In Michigan, we weren’t near a base and no one really understood what I was going through. Here, they do.

4. What is your least favorite household chore?
Can I say cleaning dog accidents off the floor? Besides that, I hate washing dishes by hand. And putting away laundry once it’s clean (it’ll stay in laundry baskets for weeks after it’s washed!)

5. If you could give one piece of advice to a teenager today (not specifically a MilTeen), what would it be?
Though I’d tell them this, I don’t think they would listen: don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in, even if it means the “cool” kids won’t like you. It REALLY doesn’t matter what you wear or the things you have. You see people bullying/teasing others (and maybe you do it too) but you know it’s wrong. Stand up for the person being teased. Who really cares if you are in turn teased yourself or ostracized? Most likely, you won’t see these people or won’t HAVE to if you don’t want… once you get out of high school.

I wish I had been strong enough to stand up to others sometimes…


30 thoughts on “MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #2

  1. Hahaha…I’m the same way about clean laundry staying in the basket for a while! But not because I dislike it, bit finding time to put it away is MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!

  2. That’s why you have kids, so you don’t have to wash the dishes by hand. *snicker* I can’t stand that chore either. I love your dream job. I think it’s a sweet idea, kinda like Make A Wish but in one spot.

  3. I volunteered one summer at a camp for kids infected or affected by AIDS/HIV. It was one of the more rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. It was really sad because there were kids who were 14 and they knew it was a very real possibility that they had already lived half of their life, yet they didn’t let it get them down. It was amazing to meet kids who were 5 to 16 who had already been through so much more than I could ever understand. I think you should go for your dream job! And call me when you do because I will be there in a hearbeat to volunteer 🙂

  4. I was always a city girl dreaming of living on a farm raising animals. My dilema was that I did not want to raise animals that would be slaughtered. In my forties I discovered alpacas and fell madly in love. It took a few years before I could totally change my life and move to the country. Now I have had my farm for about 9 years and have never been so happy in my life surrounded by alpacas, dogs, cats, geese, etc. My neighbors all have animals too and I visit them a lot. I enjoy my farm visits and selling alpacas to other people that delight in them too. I especially enjoy my two Great Pyrenees dogs that protect and just love the alpacas. My advice BELIEVE your dream can happen and a way will open up at the right time in your life for your camp to happen.

  5. i found the advice question a bit difficult! theres so much little pieces of advice that id leave a young person but at the same time, its kind of good to learn from mistakes!

    linked up! thanks for another fun fill-in!

  6. Oh, I hate putting away laundry, too. Anytime my husband is out of town I just put my folded clothes on the futon instead of in a laundry basket, then just streak through the house when I need to get something to wear. But, laundry baskets have been know to contain clean clothes for weeks around here. I’m glad I’m not the only one.

  7. I like your dream! Maybe someday you can accomplish it! 🙂

    That’s very good advice for teens. I think my own answer to that came from my experiences, too.

    I’m the same way with laundry! Plus I don’t always have space for it so baskets tend to become like dressers haha.

  8. Great questions! I probably won’t link up today, but I love the advice to a teen question. I have two of those in my house. I give advice to them everyday. Who knows if it is sticking or not? Teenagers are an interesting species. They really and truly believe that we don’t know what we are talking about. lol

  9. This was so much fun! Thank you for sharing! I added my link but couldn’t figure out how to get the code for the button on my post. 😦

  10. I made a slight alteration to #3 on my blog, my husband’s in the Reserves so we don’t move around to different duty stations, but he’s been in several different units, so I wrote about his favorite.

  11. Yummy Mummy– It definitely won’t happen until I’m much, much older… the Navy will take care of that. But I’ll let you know when I need a volunteer!

    Christa–I have looked into Alpacas… I think cria are the most adorable things on earth! And if you are new to my blog… I have a Great Pyrenees 🙂 Though he isn’t a livestock guardian.

    Frog E Mama– Right click on it and save to your desktop then upload it to your blog.

    Silver Star– No problem! Great to have a Reservist among us!

  12. Maranda– I have a whole list of questions for the future but am always up for suggestions!

  13. I am loving the questions this week. They are lending themselves to such original and diverse answers! Thanks again for the great idea.

  14. I hate putting away laundry too! If Chris didn’t get so whiny when his shirts are (barely!) wrinkled, I wouldn’t even bother to fold it.

  15. Go girl go!!! 38 posts already???? That’s so funny that you hate putting away laundry. I love putting away laundry if it’s freshly out of the dryer….granted I waste more time burying my arms or face in the warm towels, but gets done right??

  16. I love my Pyrs – one of them passed away in January of this year and it was tough. He was my soulmate dog. I just found a papillion and he is really a pleasure to have around. Never had a papillion and don’t know anyone who has that kind of dog but he has personality plus. I hate grocery shopping with a passion and would rather do any household chore than grocery shopping. My favorite possesion besides would be my rings too!

  17. This is my first time participating! Thanks for hosting. I’m linked up. A little late (I had my last 3 wisdom teeth pulled today and had been out of it) but, I still wanted to participate. Looking forward to readin as many blogs as I can.

  18. Hi, I found your link from another milspouse. I’m going to start doing the fills ins too. I’m new to the blogger world, so I’m figuring everything out.

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