Off to South Korea!

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.
~St. Augustine

Okay folks, it’s official. I’m going to head to South Korea tomorrow for my two weeks’ AT (Annual Training). My orders were approved on Thursday. My tickets were booked on Friday and the tickets were actually paid for yesterday. Yes, the government can book tickets without paying for them. And it’s not unheard of for them to not be paid for when the reservist gets to the ticket counter. I know several people who this has happened to.

Without saying too much (OPSEC), I’ll be on a ship, so I’m not sure I’ll actually be able to visit South Korea other than seeing the airport. I’m hoping for a bit of liberty to see the country for at least a few hours.

I’m excited because this is the first time I’ll be on a ship and the first time I’ll be doing “real Big Navy” work. Woot!

I’ve been told that I can take photos pretty much anywhere on the ship (except some of the command areas and the area I’ll be working in), so I hope to do that so those of you who haven’t been on a Navy ship before can see a bit of what it looks like. You’ll at least see the berthing area.

So, I apologize to all my readers and all of those who generally get blog comments from me. I’m going to be absent for a while. Hopefully I’ll be able to make a few posts (I’ve already pre-scheduled the MilSpouse Friday Fill-Ins) here and there.  When I come back, I’ll be very busy because I’ll have just four or five days before reporting to Ft. Meade, Maryland for my DINFOS training.

Catch ya on the flip side (of the world)!


11 thoughts on “Off to South Korea!

  1. I hope you have a fantastic trip! Hopefully you’ll get a chance to experience some of South Korea, I would love to go back. And, you must try a melon popsicle (if you like cantelope, anyway), they are my favorite. They come in a green wrapper. To die for!

  2. i hope u can get some liberty too! i visted south korea during spring break one year in high school! i LOOOVED the shopping there! i got a prom dress custom-made there in a 3 days and my family stocked up on mink blankets! lol

    safe travels!

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