MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #4

Assumptions are the termites of relationships.
~Henry Winkler

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In
(please feel free to use this!)

I love learning more about my fellow MilSpouse bloggers. So I created a weekly meme. Each week, I’ll post a list of questions on Thursday (so you can have your blog ready on Friday). Come back here on Friday (like today!) and enter your blog post into Mr. Linky below so others know who else participated and we can all visit other blogs. Please leave a comment too! And please feel free to use the button above!

(Please forgive me if I can’t get to visit everyone’s blogs the next few weeks. I’m supposed to be in South Korea right now, then will have a few days home with Huzzy (for the first time since the beginning of April!) before I head off to two months of school for the Navy on the opposite side of the country… I’m gonna be a bit busy!)

1. What food reminds you of your spouse?
So many (Can you tell he’s deployed? Everything reminds me of him!)! Steak, because he loves to grill outside. Beer Brats because he makes awesome ones. Sushi, because he loves it. And most especially rice… because he’s a rice freak. And I’d have purchased a rice cooker for him for his birthday except he guessed so I decided not to.

2. Who would you rather sit next to in a cross-country plane ride: an irritating non-stop talker, or a quiet stare-er?
Oh I really hope that I haven’t jinxed myself on this one. I don’t want either on my upcoming international flights (one of which will have happened by the time this posts). But I’d rather be next to a non-stop talker. I can tune them out. Or put on headphones. The stare-er would just creep me out.

3. What are your best tips on how to save money?
Huzzy is in awe at the ways I save money, but I know I can do better. I make sure I write down every purchase in a spreadsheet. That way, I’ll know where I can cut out. And those $3 smoothies here and there add up… you can see that in the spreadsheet! I also am a coupon clipper and I compare prices by doing ad searches and Google searches.

4. What is your favorite summer memory?
It would have to be camping. We’d camp at least three times during summer. Two of the weeks (separate ones) would be at a real campsite. No TV/video games. Just family games and talking. And riding bikes around the campground. And fishing. And swimming at the beach.
And sitting around the campfire making S’mores, hobo pies and even grilled corn on the cob. The last week was at the fair as we (I) had horses there and we’d camp and enjoy the county fair. All of it was amazing and is something that brought our family together each year.

5. Do you believe in ghosts?
Oh my gosh, yes! We have a resident ghost that I’ve blogged about.
And yes, he has moved with us. He’s here in the house in Washington. Not as active, but definitely still here. Maybe he likes having a larger house… he’s not disturbed as much. He’s a good ghost, albeit sometimes a bit tricky.

I think that spirits are all around us. I felt my dad with me for weeks after he died. My mom swears he kissed her on the cheek. I know he was there when I sold his house and at my wedding.

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25 thoughts on “MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #4

  1. This is my first Milspouse Friday Fill-In and I’m looking forward to stopping by and visiting everyone! Thanks for doing such a cool link up! 🙂

  2. My husband loves subway sandwiches and so they make me think of him.
    I would rather sit by a starer-er because it would make me laugh. Had that happen and they thought that I looked liked someone and apologized.
    White vinegar for cleaning.
    Packing a lunch and riding my bike by myself in the country.
    When the alpacas are born we see a lot of orbs in the pictures and my friends say that those are spirits. I can’t blame the spirits for wanting to be with the crias. Nothing cuter than a cria(baby alpaca).

  3. We used to go camping growing up also! I LOVED IT! We are hoping to start that tradition with our family. David’s family always called camping renting a condo at the lake. So this will be new for him. Although he has been. We cannot wait to start those memories with Tyler and Landon.

  4. Great questions this week! I linked up!

    I hope you are enjoying your trip and that you didn’t get any creepy staring guys or non-stop talkers on your flight.

    I have a ghost too!!! He has followed me since Washington State. He came to me when I was 19…wow…about 12 years ago. Crazy!

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  6. My husband loves white rice too! He is a quarter Japanese and rice has always been a staple in his family! We got a rice cooker from his mom as a wedding gift and we were both stoked!! 🙂

  7. This is my first time doing this! Fun!! I grew up in a haunted house and my current house has an “infestation”…lol. Ghosts have followed me also. I love hearing and sharing ghost stories.

  8. Sorry about not having my fill-in up. I just fixed it. Guess I should hit “post” instead of “save” haha.

    Apparently both of our husbands are rice freaks. Ha, too funny.

  9. This is my first fill-in as well! Sorry it is not on a Friday but I am so behind on everything right now! I love your blog and am now a follower.

  10. Enjoyed doing this for the 1st time & reading some of the answers from other bloggers! What a fun way to connect with fellow Military spouses!

  11. I finally got my link up (a little late)! Your ghost story still gives me goose bumps after reading it again! Spooky!!!

  12. I found your blog through Lacey’s blog and have been reading. I just saw that you are going to be in my neck of the woods and wish you luck! You are coming at the wrong time of the year…. it is way too hot and humid here right now to be enjoyable!

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