Internet Problems

Hey folks… I’m here at Fort Meade for my two months of training. Unfortunately, the good ol’ Army can’t spring for Internet that can support WordPress. (I’m doing this from my phone) In fact, due to NSA being on base, I don’t get good phone reception, either!

I hope to have a real post up as soon as I can get to a place with better Internet.


8 thoughts on “Internet Problems

  1. you have a couple options… Internet through your cell phone or use your cable providers dial up phone number…. If they have that,

    My router is still messing up so my net is phone is my modem right now.

    As for your cell phone, sit by a window and see if that helps. Good luck

  2. Glad to hear what’s going on. Hopefully you get it figured out. It sucks because all the posts and bases I’ve been to or had experience with charge for PX/BX internet. Good luck!

  3. I am on Ft. Meade also. Sucks you have to go to Panera to use the internet. The post library has wi-fi, just in case you don’t want to travel that far.

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