I’m Still Around!

I am learning all the time.  The tombstone will be my diploma.
~Eartha Kitt

**So, yeah… this post was supposed to be put up last week, but due to Internet problems, it didn’t go up until this week! This is driving me nuts!**

I’m still here. It’s not just MilSpouse Friday Fill-ins! I am still having Internet problems on the Army post… but pretty much only related to WordPress and getting to my student drive from my room… the two things I want most!

We are learning a lot. Well, let me rephrase that… they are teaching a lot. Most of this stuff, I have already learned in college (since this is what my degree is in). But, the stuff regarding how the Department of Defense does things and their rules is what I’m actually learning. The rest is a refresher course.

I have learned one very important thing, though. I now can tell the difference between Army and Air Force BDUs from a distance, ya’ll! They are so similar I’ve never been able to tell them apart except when I see the name tape on the front. Well, we have such a joint class (though no Coasties), I now can tell the difference from a huge distance. Yay!

The first weekend we were here, my friend (and shipmate) and I went to Arlington National Cemetery and to the Women in Service Memorial that is there.

Women in Military Service Memorial

My shipmate checking out the photographic displays

Duty, Honor, Country

Hall of Heroes. Flags representing women killed-in-action during OIF/OEF.

After the Women’s Memorial, we headed into the cemetery. We checked out Section 52… the oldest section where Civil War soldiers are buried.

Oldest section of Arlington National Cemetery

Unknown soldiers... and civilians.

Next up, it was John F. Kennedy’s grave along… then onto the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior (changed from Soldier since persons other than soldiers have been added).

J.F.K. burial site and the Tomb of the Unknown

The soldier who guards the tomb is very regimented. It’s 21 steps one way, a 21-second pause, and then 21 steps the other way. Very, very moving.

We even saw the changing of the guard. It’s very intricate and involves a senior NCO coming out and informing the crowd of what is going to happen, then inspecting the rifle and uniform of the incoming guard, and then the change.

21 steps...

A view of downtown D.C. in the background.

NCO comes out to tell us about the ceremony.

Senior NCO brings new guard out after inspecting his rifle and uniform.

Two guards marching together.

Leaving with the relieved guard.

Almost finished.

New guard on patrol.

So many emotions. I was humbled, saddened, in awe and proud all at once. I am so very honored to serve my country in any way I can.


7 thoughts on “I’m Still Around!

  1. I am extremely jealous that you can tell the differences in uniforms. My husband can tell who’s who/what’s what in the blink of an eye, but yet I could stare all day and never figure it out.

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