A Real Post

Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated.

Well, I’ve been back home from the Defense Information School for a bit now.  Huzzy is gone. I missed him by SUCH a small window it hurts.

With him on the different type of submarine, we are going to have even less communication than the last boat. It’s been two weeks-ish since I heard from him (I’ve received one email since he left). I really don’t expect to hear from him until they are ready to return after the holidays. It’ll be tough. But we went through the holidays last year without any communication, either. That was seven weeks without an email. This is expected to be much longer.

I think the part that makes it harder this year is I’m in a new place. And I won’t be with family. At all. My mom (who I haven’t seen since February) was going to come out in November and celebrate the holidays early with me but is now not able to.

It’s really bummed me out.  Especially since we only had 12 days together after the last deployment before I left for Maryland and then he was gone before I got back.

However, I’m really excited about the MilSpouse Secret Santa that I’m putting together. I think that will really help my spirits. I hope you all will join in!

I also really need to get photos up of my trips around the DC area while I was in Maryland.


12 thoughts on “A Real Post

  1. So sorry about the holidays! We have more than one family without the main man in their lives home for the holidays and we are gathering around them and having our own “Military Family” Holidays. If you were here, you’d be invited!

  2. I sympathize! Hubby’s last deployment had several periods of no communication, which was difficult because I was having trouble with my pregnancy and couldn’t talk to him about it. And just like you, my family was really far away, so I too was on my own. I hope that you have some nice milspouses to hang with- it’s a tough life, but having a close-knit group of friends helps!

    Oh, and I’m totally looking forward to the Secret Santa!!

  3. ((Hugs)) We’ll all be here on Twitter and the milspouse blogosphere to support you… I’m so sorry he’s missing the holidays with you again 😦

  4. I’ll be alone for the holidays, too, and unable to travel to see family. I’m going to busy myself with putting together some elaborate boat boxes, I’m sure!

  5. Wow, that is a really long time to go without communication. How do you deal? I would feel so disconnected after a while. I hate it when me and my bf have to go 2 weeks with out anything (besides a 5 min phone call). But I guess you cherish the time you have together until the next time.

    You gotta be a strong lady to go through that.

  6. I know that aching you feel. I’m so sorry you’ll have to endure the holidays without your man. My husband is currently deployed on a sub, and this is our first deployment. It’s been rough not being able to talk to him at all. I feel your pain! But hang in there, stay strong! You are NOT alone.

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