MilSpouse Secret Santa Information & Sign-up Link

It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.
~W.T. Ellis

Oh man oh man, oh man! You have no idea how excited I am about this. I looove Christmas. And if I can’t spend it with Huzzy, well, heck… I’d like to spend it with you all. Virtually, of course!

I have always loved Secret Santa. I love the slyly learning about the person you are getting a gift for and finding things about them and finding that absolutely perfect gift that just screams them.

So, this year I’m going to be hosting the very first (that I know of) MilSpouse Secret Santa (yes, fiancees can sign up as well!). I can’t wait to see what everyone gets for each other. This is going to be something that I will match on my end so no one will know who each other has.  I’m going to start matching after the first week and if we get more people signing up after that, then I’ll do subsequent matches but they will not go past November 10th (and are subject to completely close before then). THIS CLOSED ON SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 6TH.

I hope you all are excited about this. I really want everyone to have fun with this.

However, because I’ve been a part of several online Secret Santas, I know that rules must be set… but I know all you lovely spouses won’t need them because you are so incredibly awesome. But this way, we are all playing by the same rules.

  1. The first rule is to HAVE F UN.
  2. The gift is to be a $20 gift. This does not mean you have to SPEND $20 just because you got an awesome deal. Or, if you are one of those crafty people who I envy, if what you make is worth $20… that is just fine! If you spend more than $20, that’s fine, just know that others will be getting you a $20 gift. Oh, and if you do decide to go over…  let’s not get too carried away.
  3. The $20 does not include shipping. Shipping is extra. We have several MilSpouses who live overseas, so if you are willing to ship overseas (though I believe most of them have APOs), please let me know on the signup form.
  4. If you are matched with someone and find out later you are not able to participate for any reason, please let me know ASAP.
  5. In order for the gifts to arrive on time, OCONUS gifts will need to be sent by Friday, December 10th via Priority Mail (you don’t have to ship Priority if you send this earlier), except for those places beginning with a zip code of 093, which will need to be sent by Saturday, December 4th.
  6. Please thank your Secret Santa for your gift. Please. Either via mail, e-mail or by a post on your blog. I know you all won’t forget to do this because you all are so awesome!
  7. Also, please email me when you have shipped your item. That way, I know you’re done! wifeofasailor(at)gmail(dot)com


  1. Don’t be afraid to post anonymously on your recipients blog asking questions. Or have a friend do it. Or sign up for a free mail account and email your recipient questions. Or, as a last resort, feel free to ask me to email them a question for you.  Be creative, be fun. For my Secret Santas, I usually create an “evil elf” who asks questions in rhyme. Lots of questions so the person has no idea what I’m even trying to ask about.
  2. Be creative. Find something that they love. Send something from your home state or where you currently live.
  3. Send cards to your recipient as the days get closer… hint (or don’t!) at what an awesome gift they are about to receive. Everyone loves to get something in the mail!
  4. Check out the discounts below. They are awesome and will help you out soo much!
  5. Pleaaaaase show off what you got on your blog… I’m going to live vicariously through all of you.

Okay, now to help you all out… here are some discounts!

We have some awesome businesses who have agreed to give you discounts on awesome stuff for your recipient. Here they are. PLEASE check them out. They are all MilSpouses!

Blue Bird Crafting- Etsy Handmade Gifts
Handmade is the perfect gift for the season. From gorgeous quilted blue star banners {for the patriotic blue star moms and wives} to cute and practical handmade burp cloths and diaper packs for the wee ones, Blue Bird Crafting has just the right gift for anyone on your list, with gifts from just $7. Bonus! It’s made by a MilMom! As a participant in the MilSpouse Secret Santa, you’ll receive a 20% discount on your order.

Each item comes thoughtfully packaged safely in a protective sleeve, nice enough to give as it is. We can ship directly to your Secret Pal, including APO’s or FPO’s, so we can save you the extra shipping step.
{To receive the 20% discount, include MilSanta in the note to seller box, I will then send you an invoice for you to pay reflecting the discount.}

Mary Kay
Get her something you know she will use!! I sell Mary Kay products, and they have the best skincare line out there! All makeup is made from minerals, so you don’t have to worry about putting anything “harsh” on your face. For the Secret Santa program, I am offering 20% off your order! Just enter “Secret Santa” in the comment section of your order. This offer is only good for the duration of the program. If you decide to order later, I always offer 10% off your first order with me! I offer several payment options, so contact me today! Email: calbertson81(at)yahoo(dot)com or website:

Pampered Chef
The Pampered Chef offers great tools, gadgets and recipes to help you get dinner on the table quickly.  There something for everyone, whether they are a master chef or barely know their way around the kitchen.  With 80% of our catalog costing less than $20, it’s not going to break your budget to get a great gift for your family & friends.  From stocking stuffers to a gift for a swap, there’s something for everyone.  I’m offering 20% off on all orders and a free gift on all orders over $60.  You can contact me at soleary05(at)gmail(dot)com for website information. (Due to company policy it can’t be posted on a blog).  You can check out our products at  20% off is only good through Shanna Miller.

Scentsy- Flameless Candles
The holidays are drawing near and we all know that there is nothing better than a warm and happy home. In this holiday season, make your home even more inviting to your family at home and those who come to visit. Scentsy provides a rich atmosphere with decorative charm and a variety of scents to match any individual preference. With low-heat, flameless candles, Scentsy warmers are also great additions to homes with children, pets and even those with allergies. Scentsy offers a wide selection of decorative warmers, including limited-offer holiday warmers. Match these with their special fall and winter scents, and you’ll have everyone thinking those store-bought gingerbread are fresh from your oven or ready to cozy up to the fireplace!As a special thank you to all of her Military Family, Patty (aka MommyTaco), is offering a special holiday discount of 10% off of your entire order! Just browse the great selection of warmers and scents on her Independent Consultant site ( and contact her directly to place your order [mommytaco(at) gmail(dot)com]. Be sure to mention Wifey’s Secret Santa event to receive this special offer!

P.S…. Scentsy also ships to select APO addresses, making easy to direct ship to your recipient!


I’ll be happy to give a 15% discount on Tupperware products and have the item direct shipped to the Secret Santa recipient (APO/ FPO addresses are included, no other overseas address though for this offer). To take advantage of this offer
YOU cannot order from My Tupperware Site:
IF you interested in taking advantage of this offer, please email me at LaDonna(dot)Raye(at)yahoo(dot)com; include in the Subject line TUPPERWARE/ WIFEY’S SECRET SANTA.
For Gift Ideas:

Okay, now that you see all the awesome things we have to offer…. are you ready?

Here’s the MilSpouse Secret Santa signup form!


30 thoughts on “MilSpouse Secret Santa Information & Sign-up Link

  1. OH MY GOSH!!! COUNT ME IN!!!!!!!!! I was just asking my husband if he’d be bothered by me putting up my Christmas tree tomorrow. I get super excited about Christmas every year, and I would LOOOOOOVE to do this and get to know another wife out there! What an awesome idea!!!!! I’m so excited about this, I am going to post a link to it on my blog!!!!

  2. OH GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!! How much fun, and look at you setting this all up! Im in Germany and we have some fantastic things at all the Christmas markets 🙂 I am so excited!!!!

  3. I just found you thanks to Angela Caban’s Facebook post. SUPER YAY about this! I wanna hang christmas decos ASAP in our house. lol. So this is super awesome.

  4. this is such a cute idea! i would love to participate, but i am located in canada so that might cause issues with shipping since it can cost more 😦
    plus i’m a mili girlfriend.
    if i’m allowed to sign up, please pretty please email me! thank you.

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  6. Lacey, if you submitted the form, I have it. And I checked specifically for you and I have yours. I am going to try and do the first round of matching today.

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  9. I want to join too please? Please contact me via mail so I don’t forget about it, because I’m no blogger and no blog follower:)


  10. Hey there, I signed up but would I be able to change the address? Because of craziness at home, I’d rather have my work address be my mailing address.

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