Power. Out. 28 hours and counting.

Iced hill. Can’t drive out.

15 outside. Single digits later tonight.

Almost in the 30s INSIDE now.

Washington = cold

Michigan = 60 and warm.

Me = confuzzled by this.

Ice cold soup = disgusting.

Cantalope + pita chips = lunch

Bread + 2 mini candy bars = dinner.

No breakfast.

Cold pups. Cold me.

Can’t feel fingers.

Phone dying.

Catch ya on the warm side.



7 thoughts on “Brrr

  1. That is horrible! We lived in Maine and the power would go out all the time, but not for that long! I hope it comes back on soon and you get warmed up! I hate the cold!!

  2. Dear Wifey,
    This sounds like an emergency situation. Time to figure out how you will make a fire. You may need to bust up some of the furniture and enclose a smaller area so the heat will not escape. Hang some blankets or even sheets and close off your main room. I can call 911 for you … but I don’t know where to send them. Usually, they are working on the problem and you will have your power on soon. I am here in NY and last February we were wiyjout power for 4 days. we have a fireplace, but got pretty low on wood. The thing is your own body heat will actually heat up a small area of space if you can close up the drafts and keep the heat in. Worse case … could you walk to a neighbors house? Nearby of course, and only in the daylight.
    I remember the worst part of our power outage … we were bored out of our minds. Keep a hat on your head, gloves, scarf. At least you have the internet! Let me know if I can do anything . . don’t forget to pray.

  3. I know you said you can’t drive but we are in Lacey and have heat and electricity and room for guests. Don’t stay in the cold for too long!!

  4. We lost power Monday night at 7PM and we got power sometime between Tuesday night after 7PM and Wednesday before noon. We left for Idaho on Wednesday…we stayed at the last hotel on Bainbridge Island that had a room available…nothing in Silverdale, Bremerton, Bangor Base, Poulsbo, or anywhere else on the Peninsula! If it had just been my hubby and I we could’ve dealt with the second night in the cold, but we had to think of our kiddos.

    And my mom made fun because she’s in Michigan and it was 65 on Monday and so cold here. Then she heard about the power outage and felt horrible for bragging when we were so cold all night with no way to even get our fireplace going because it was an electronic starter and not just pure gas. LoL!

    Hope you survived without too much loss or coldness!

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