MilSpouse Friday Fill-In… I’m Sorry

Hey folks, I realize that we’ve had two weeks off already, but…. well, Huzzy just returned on January 1st and has only two days of stand-down before he has to get back to work (yeah… NOT enough). In that time, we have looked at 10+ houses that were on my “final” list and tomorrow… we are putting an offer in on our first house together!

So, unfortunately, this does not leave me any time to do MilSpouse Friday Fill-Ins this week. I PROMISE they will return next week. I’m just enjoying having my husband home after only living with him for six weeks since May 2009.  Ya’ll know how that goes 😉


11 thoughts on “MilSpouse Friday Fill-In… I’m Sorry

  1. Hi there! I’m just dipping my toes into blogs of Navy wives & came across yours. THANK YOU for all of the helpful information. I’m just starting a blog to keep our family & friends posted on the happenings of our soon-to-be Navy life. I saw your OPSEC page & was wondering if you could check out my blog to see if everything I have on there is “safe”. I’m very new to all of this & would love some help from someone more experienced like you! Thanks again!

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