I’m a Slacker

When I look at my hands and in my heart, I see stress as Lady Macbeth saw blood.
~Berri Clove

Yeah, I have been avoiding posting a real blog post for a few reasons. First of all, Huzzy was on leave for two glorious weeks where we just hung out, slept in and spent time with one another. And we didn’t kill each other, ya’ll. Wow!

The other thing is that we are in the middle of buying a house and there’s been a lot of stress  involved with that. I know house buying is stressful (heck, I’ve been through this before five years ago!) but this is just ridiculous. I don’t want to go into all of it, but suffice to say there are a few hiccups and hoops we have to jump through that most don’t and they were supposed to be cleared up by now. But they aren’t.

Add to the fact that our landlords from hell (okay, to be honest, they’ve left us alone since July, but before that, they were hellish enough to encompass 10 years of stress) have sent us a letter that they aren’t renewing our lease after 28FEB. We knew it was a possibility because they were thinking of moving back into the house themselves after a year. But that leaves us without a back-up.

Our house is supposed to close on 24FEB. That leaves just four days to move into it. If it happens. If it doesn’t, well, we are only three weeks away from the end of our lease. We should know in the next week if the house isn’t going to happen. If it doesn’t, we are going to have to try and find a house that will allow three large dogs and people who don’t quite have perfect credit (though we do qualify for a mortgage, so it’s not that horrible).

That’s not an easy task. Most places only allow small dogs. What the heck is up with that? Do they realize that small dogs are generally yappier and, in general, have a harder time being potty trained? I mean, they have smaller bladders so they tend to have the potential of having more accidents. Granted, if they have an accident it’s not as big, but still. I don’t get the big/small dog thing. My dogs sleep 22 hours a day with just enough time in the day left over to eat twice, have some pets and take a lap around the yard before coming in and collapsing again for the next 22 hours. Heck, we generally have to WAKE them up in the morning to go outside. Because they just want to sleep.

So if our house falls through, we’ll have just a week or two to find a house. If we can’t (we all know how long the application process, etc can take), then we might be homeless for a while. As in… sleeping in our vehicles with our dogs and putting our stuff in storage or on a Uhaul or something until we found a place that would take us.

I’m nervous. Most of you who have been reading my blog/following me on Twitter for more than a year know our luck is horrible at best. And for some reason, while I love our house we have the offer on, I just can’t seem to PICTURE us living there. Totally different than when I bought my last house. I could easily see myself living there. And that scares me. We could really use some good thoughts and prayers that this works out.

In other news, I’m supposed to be going to the Centennial of Naval Aviation in San Diego later this week to work in my Navy capacity. I say supposed to because, true to form, my orders haven’t been even touched yet. And I’m supposed to leave in 3 days. If it happens, it’ll be great to be in the 70 degree sunny weather. Time to soak up some Vitamin D! Woot!

When I get back, Huzzy is going to have ANOTHER week off. Yes, indeed, that’s THREE WEEKS off. They are getting an extra week off because his boat won a big award. Of course it’s not like they are getting the leave for free, it still counts against their balance, but they are allowed to take it if they have it. And boy does Huzzy have it. He still has 85 days on the books (before his previous two weeks’ leave) so he has a ton. That’s what happens when you are deployed so often.  He has to use up something like 5 more weeks this year or he’ll lose it at the end of the fiscal year (because they get 30 more days over the course of the fiscal year).

So that’s what’s been going on with me. Long post, I know. LOL.


16 thoughts on “I’m a Slacker

  1. I would definitely check your rights as a renter in WA. 99.9% of the time, they are very much in your favor (as opposed to the landlord). In WI, your landlord cannot do anything without either 60 or 90 days written notice, lease expired or not. Even if a little research buys you another 30 days, that could be all the time you need!!

  2. You are certainly in my prayers. I hope everything works out with your living situation, and that you can soon move on to the fun part of making your new house a home.

    I’m so jealous that you’re supposed to go to the San Diego CONA event! I may have to celebrate in spirit (or is that “in spirits?”) with the Centennial of Naval Aviation flask my husband got for me before he deployed. 😉

  3. WMM: They gave us the required 30 days notice… because the one year lease was up then anyway, they didn’t have to give us any more than that. We just are waiting to see if the house thing works out. Because if that doesn’t, that’s why we’d have such a short time to find a place that will take the dogs.

  4. I’m really jealous that your dog tires so easily! As I type, my crazy one is outside jumping on the window I’m sitting beside barking to let him in. 🙂

  5. Oh my gosh, girl! If worse comes to worse–stay in a La Quinta! They take dogs, they’re pretty inexpensive, and yummy free breakfasts. I hope things work out though.

  6. I’m sending good vibes your ways! I also totally agree with the big dog thing! Hubby and I are moving as soon as he gets back from his deployment and finding a place that has everything we want and will let us take our dog is proving to be a huge challenge!

    I wish you luck though!

  7. UGH, I realized as I was reading this in your frustration with orders for your duty – are you a Reservist as well? AD Hubby / Reservist Wifey? I hear you its an added stress to what sounds like crazines.

    I do wish you the best of luck hmmm any chance on one of those monthly apartments? Are you in an area that maybe homeaway.com might have an apartment/house for rent?

  8. Yes, indeed, I am a reservist. AD Huzzy/ Reservist Wifey.

    If we get it it. we’ll look for an apartment but my experience is apartments won’t rent to three large dogs. However, I will check out that link… never heard of it. Thanks!

  9. Omg, I’m sorry – duh yes there it is up in the corner “About the Wuzzy.” Homeaway has saved us $ when on vacation – you always know you have a kitchen to cook in.

    Good luck!!

  10. Okay…this is the point in case. If you live near Bangor/PSNS let me know. You do not have to be homeless. If you can deal with kids and a messy house, you and huzzy can stay with us until you find a place of your own. I refuse to let military families be homeless. We have an extra room. I’ll give you guys the master and we’ll take the guest room so you’re not woken up by the babies. The majority of the time we’re sleeping in my daughter’s room anyway…you’ll just have to work around our clothes in the master. We have the empty closet in the spare room though.

    Just let me know. I am willing to help!

  11. In the old days, base housing was always available–and then some could choose to invest, get some equity and buy out in town. Nowadays, buying out in town is tough: prices near many coastal bases (read Navy and Marine Corps especially) make for some pretty high priced real estate. Do they pay you all enough? And then if there isn’t affordable housing off base, everyone is trying to get the limited housing on base. Coronado, or anywhere in San Diego, is a good example–or Hawaii.

    But we’re good spouses, right? We make do, make right, and carry on with a smile. Well–maybe not with a smile.

    Hang in there. I hope you get your house situation squared away.

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