35 Before 35

Do not regret growing older.  It is a privilege denied to many.
~Author Unknown

I was going to do a 30 before 30 post. But then I realized… I have just slightly more than a year until I hit that. That’s not enough time, especially if I end up going IA over to Afghanistan or somewhere in that time. So, instead, I decided to do a 35 before 35 list.  I will be crossing things off my list and putting the date I did these as I go.

35 Things I Want to Do/Experience before I Turn 35

  1. Try windsurfing at least once.
  2. Find a geoduck on the shore. Maybe even touch it.
  3. Visit Japan.
  4. Have a baby.
  5. Buy a house with Huzzy.
  6. Become debt free, except for a mortgage.
  7. Have three months’ worth of expenses in our savings account.
  8. Visit Western Canada.
  9. Visit Hawaii.
  10. Go kayaking on saltwater.
  11. Experience shipboard life for a minimum of two weeks.
  12. Run a 5K.
  13. Run a 10K.
  14. Take a photography class.
  15. Start and finish my Master’s Degree.
  16. Take a flight lesson and fly a plane.
  17. Skydive (preferably not while I’m flying a plane).
  18. Pay for a military family’s meal (a family I don’t know and without them knowing who I am) while out at a restaurant.
  19. Start learning a third language.
  20. Keep a well-tended garden and can/freeze the results (unless we eat it all raw and fresh!).
  21. Go on a honeymoon with Huzzy.
  22. Have a standing monthly game night with friends.
  23. Go on a cruise (and no, a Navy ship DOES NOT count for this one LOL).
  24. Find a church both Huzzy and I are comfortable in.
  25. Tour the White House.
  26. Have 3 percent of my paycheck go straight to retirement for at least a year (I currently only do 1-2%).
  27. Be comfortable enough again to be proud to wear a bikini at the beach.
  28. Get an “Excellent Medium” score on all PRT scores in the same cycle.
  29. Get an “Outstanding” in at least one PRT score.
  30. Volunteer enough to get a star to add to my Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal (MOVSM).
  31. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  32. Visit Europe… anywhere in Europe.
  33. Get a good, solid job.
  34. Become proficient enough to earn a marksman ribbon in both the pistol and the rifle.
  35. Start writing a book.



5 thoughts on “35 Before 35

  1. I love your list!! I hope to accomplish number 20 at some point in the future too 🙂 And I’m scared of geoducks (so gross!). If you touch one, you’ll be my hero.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I may just have to create my own list. Several of the things you listed would also be on my list… 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!!!

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