Can You Help?

It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little – do what you can.
~Sydney Smith

I don’t generally ask for things like this, but this is very close to my heart. Because, well, it actually touches the lives of people I know.

A friend’s daughter, who I will soon be working with, has autism and they are on the short list to get an iPad from an awesome organization. This young girl has learned SO much from computer games and the iPad would really, really help her out. And it’s not just learning mental things, but it also helps with her dexterity.

Autism isn’t all this brave girl struggles with, but I don’t feel comfortable sharing everything she deals with without her mom’s permission… suffice to say they deal with a lot. These people are a military family and she’s not the only child they have who has special needs. They really, really do need this. I wish I could afford it FOR them. *sigh*

She has been placed on the list (we don’t know when she’ll be “next” but do know that there is a good chance she’s next after this next girl gets her iPad) and the family is waiting to hear further.

This is an amazing thing that will truly make a difference in this amazing girl’s life. So can you take a moment and check out this site giving you details of what giving (even $5) to this charity could mean to these kids.  If you need more information about the organization, you can find it here.

Thanks for looking.


2 thoughts on “Can You Help?

  1. I had no idea there was a program out there for this! I have a friend whose young daughter also has Autism along with a few other medical difficulties as well. All the doctors suggested an iPad for her, but never mentioned a program to help them get it. Mind you, my friends are young and brand new airman, so an iPad can be pretty spendy for them. (Really, its spendy for anyone!) Anyhow, it has made such an impact with this child… and of course the family! Who knew that a cool techy gadget such as the iPad can help out children struggling with Autism.

    Thanks for sharing this site. I’m going to be passing it along to a few people here on base who might be able to get the info out to parents who need it.


  2. My godson has autism as well… and his parents want for him too. However, they are waiting as well. They got him an iTouch though and it has done wonders for him. There is an app you can download on it as well that helps them to communicate as well.

    It is amazing at how well they pick up on things on that… so quickly too.

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