Update on My Life

When the world says, “Give up,”
Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.”
~Author Unknown

I’m such a bad blogger. My blog has been filled mostly with MilSpouse Friday Fill-Ins. And that’s not right.

I fell in love with the solarium that is off the kitchen and faces the backyard.

You all know back in January that we put an offer on a house and it was accepted. We are still waiting to close on the house. Yes, still waiting. It seems as though a bank I did business with in the past was remiss in finishing paperwork that would close out the account. When I found this on my credit report back in November (a good example as to why you should check out  your credit reports for FREE each year as mandated by the government!) I immediately started working to get it resolved. It was supposed to be finished last August, so it was a total surprise to me that it wasn’t in November.

It was finally resolved enough to continue with our mortgage on the house (but won’t be complete complete for another 30 or so days. Ugh!). We are supposed to hear back from the underwriters today. I am hoping there aren’t any “conditions” we have to meet because we really need to close Thursday. I have a feeling that if they come back with “conditions” it will be that it has to be completely closed on my credit report… and that will take 30 days to get there.

A small part of the backyard that features a HUGE huckleberry bush, an apple tree, a cherry tree and grapes that drape a swing gazebo.

We’ve already asked for two extensions. I highly doubt they will give us a third. Especially for a month. I bet they would for a few days but not a month.

The other problem continues to be our landlords. We have the house until the 31st, but I’m not sure if they will let us stay beyond that. And even if we close on the 31st, we will need a few days to move out and then CLEAN the house so that it’s so clean they HAVE to give us our deposit back (which we really need because after Chase’s illness, we have no savings anymore).  I’m still not sure of the situation here.

There was another “inspector” that came to the house and took pictures from the outside. I asked him if he could tell me what was going on and he said that he’s called out in one of three situations (he’s not from the bank, but the bank hires him). He said it could be:

  1. They are trying to refinance/re-structure the mortgage.
  2. They are more than 30 days late on payments.
  3. They have filed for bankruptcy.

He said that in the third option he is only told to do a drive-by, not take photos, so that is not it.

Our rec room that will be great for parties. Picture is taken from the wet bar area.

Um, let’s see here. We were told that the house was being sold and the “buyers” ran into some paperwork issues with their bank. Yet, these buyers have never stepped foot inside the house and there has never been an inspection of the house that is required by banks for mortgages. The house has also never been on the MLS, there’s never been a “for sale” sign outside and there has never been a Realtor lock on the door. If they were refinancing a loan, I don’t see why they would tell us they are selling it and have buyers.

So that leaves only the option that they are more than 30 days late on the loan. Which makes sense to me given everything else. I wouldn’t doubt that they are CLOSE to foreclosure or bankruptcy, either. So I’m hoping that they will give us a few extra days (of course we’d pay). Heck, if they are having money problems, I can’t see why not…. that’s cash in their pocket.

In other news, it’s about that time again. Tonight is our Pre-Deployment Meeting. *sigh* It feels like he just came home. But, it’s been nearly three months and in the (non fast-attack) submarine community… that’s it. I feel bad that he’s going to miss another summer. But, we should be on shore duty starting next May, so hopefully he’ll be here to enjoy it next year!


6 thoughts on “Update on My Life

  1. We went through hell trying to close on our house, so I know how you are feeling. Fingers crossed and many prayers this baby closes on time!

  2. I can only imagine what you are going through. We looked at our house and closed on it within just three weeks. We moved into it a week after we looked at it (we had a rental agreement until the closing date). Keeping my fingers crossed that everything works out for you!

  3. Oh man, what a pain! I’m slightly terrified about selling our current home when my husband gets his first orders out of A-school. Ugh.

  4. Sorry to hear all this going on about the house and also that your hubby has to go again for the summer, that really sucks, no other way to say it. I will pray for everything to go better this week and that your pre-deployment meeting goes well.

  5. I just posted a comment under christinacucina which no longer exists so I wanted to add this so you know where the above comment actually comes from.

  6. I have no idea where my actual above comment went but I was saying that I am sorry for the trouble you are having with your house and also I hope your pre-deployment meeting goes well. That really sucks, no other way to say it, that your hubby has to be gone for another summer. I will keep you in my prayers.

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