Change of [Diet] Plans

If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies. 
~Author Unknown

So in a previous post, I talked about how Huzzy and I were going on the Dukan Diet.  Well, we did for the last 2 1/2 weeks and we lost a really good amount of weight (like I lost 7 pounds and Huzzy lost 11). However, my body does not like the diet. I need carbs or by the afternoon, I’m feeling exhausted and like I’m “disconnected.”

I realized it was the diet doing this when I was on the USS Nimitz last week and forgot my lunch one day. Because I was only on the ship for a week, I didn’t have a ship debit card and they didn’t take cash. So I had to buy something from one of the carts on the pier. I had a whole wheat sandwich… and wow did the rest of my day go well! I had energy and I felt normal! From two little slices of whole wheat bread.

So I began to re-think the diet and really realized that while lean protein and low fat are absolutely some of the best things for you… your body does need carbs to function. Good carbs, though, not just any carbs.

So I looked into the second diet I was considering along with the Dukan… the South Beach diet. It is very similar in the fact that you are only allowed to eat lean protein and lowfat (nonfat in the case of Dukan) dairy in the first phase, which also lasts two weeks. However, in the second phase, you bring in GOOD carbs (just a few of them) and fruits (low-carb and high fiber ones). I live for fruits. While I won’t be able to eat bowls of them, I’m glad I’ll be able to eat some. And my favorite fruits are on the list.

(as a side note, Huzzy and I TOTALLY blew our diet for the last four days. As in, eating out a lot. Olive Garden, a steakhouse, Japanese, etc… and I only gained 1.2 pounds. My body just needed the carbs!)

It also helps that my friend over at One Guy in a House of Girls is on the diet and her doctor actually recommended this diet for her since she has diabetes AND runs marathons. She actually has the energy to on this diet! Not only that, but she can actually make food that fits her diet and her children… get this… EAT IT AND ENJOY IT. Wow!

So, we are switching to the South Beach Diet. I’m sure we won’t lose weight as quickly as the Dukan, but I think it’s no only better for me personally, but is a more well-rounded diet. I’m not saying the Dukan is bad… I know a few people who have done really well on it! But for me, I just couldn’t deal with the tiredness and discombobulation I felt.


6 thoughts on “Change of [Diet] Plans

  1. I truly believe there is no “one size fits all” ideal way of eating. My dad, for instance, does really well (lots of energy, weight loss, generally feels great) when he cuts out the carbs, whereas my mother gets cranky and tired when she doesn’t get enough carbs. I hope South Beach hits just the right balance for you. 🙂

  2. Diets are always rather subjective experiences… and finding the best one always takes time and patience. Assuming that there is no health restrictions, balanced, low-fat diet is usually the best way to go.
    Good luck!

  3. I had a bad reaction to the Dukan Diet! I did lose weight, but I also felt exhausted and had terrible nausea/cramps and diarrhea (TMI, perhaps!)… I know it works for some, but since I’m just trying to lose 10 lb. I think a different sort of routine would work better for me.

    When I decided to quit Dukan, I was so sick I craved chicken noodle soup… and I think the carbs in those noodles rescued me, because I felt better within an hour! All the bad side effects ceased. Moderation is everything, I think!

  4. I must tell ya, I was on the South Beach Diet after I had Aidan and it was a DISASTER for me. I was hungry and exhausted. I will give you some advice. The best diet to be on is eat everything in moderation. Cut out the processed foods and eat lean proteins, low fat items, veggies, fruits, and whole grains. You will be fine. You also have to incorporate exercise too in order to keep the weight off and lose it. Good luck! 🙂

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