MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #53

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. 
~e.e. cummings

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In(please feel free to use this!)

I love learning more about my fellow MilSpouse bloggers. So I created a weekly meme. Each week, I’ll post a list of questions on Thursday (so you can have your blog ready on Friday). Come back here on Friday (like today!) and enter your blog post into Mr. Linky below so others know who else participated and we can all visit other blogs. Please leave a comment too! And please feel free to use the button above!

1. The best thing my parents taught me to do when I was a child was _________________.

… to try my best at everything, no matter what. They didn’t care if I was a C student or an A student (which I was), as long as I tried my best. I was an A student and would get mad at myself if I got an A- and cry if I got a B+ (yes, I was one of those) but my parents didn’t care because they knew I was doing my best. One semester in high school, I actually got a D due to being really, really sick and not being able to keep up. I didn’t give up trying to catch up so my parents didn’t care–but only because I tried my best.

2. However, one thing I wish they did differently was _________________.
… teach me the value of saving. I did this on my own because we were so poor that when I actually made money, I wanted to keep it so I wouldn’t be poor anymore, but they never taught me to save. When we have kids and they earn money, they are going to be required to put 1/3 in long term savings (for a car or college in the future, etc), 1/3 into short term savings and then they’ll get to play immediately with the last 1/3.

3. One thing I’ve always wanted to try but haven’t is _________________.
… I’ve always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon. It would freak me out and be awesome at the same time!

4. One thing I never thought I’d try but I have is _________________.
… I never thought I’d try sushi. But I did. And I hated it as much as what I thought I would.

5. If I could give my 16-year-old self one piece of advice I’d tell myself _________________.
… to start working out now. Your body will start changing madly when you are 19 and you will no longer be able to eat fast food every day and maintain that size 2-3 figure.

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10 thoughts on “MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #53

  1. Amen on the working out! “One day you won’t be able to drink vanilla Dr. Pepper, eat sliders and fries every day and not work out without paying for it.”

  2. Yes, yes, yes to that last one! Yes! I was always slim with zero effort. So, I thought that was what I always needed to do. I laugh at my own stupidity. Well, I would be laughing if I wasn’t fat and flabby now. Tear. lol

  3. Your answers to #4 and #5 are exactly what I would have written. I’m determined to fly in a hot air balloon someday, and I was reluctant to try sushi, but I did – and hated it too! 🙂

  4. Oh no! Sorry you did not enjoy sushi. We LOVE it and my kids will actually order (warning: not for the faint of heart) fish eggs and dip their fingers in it to eat it, LOL!

    I’m teaching our kids to save for what they want and my older one gets saving long-term vs. short-term. Hopefully the others will take note too.

    Thanks for hosting every week!

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