It’s Caturday!

It is impossible to keep a straight face in the presence of one or more kittens. 
~Cynthia E. Varnado


I formally told the humane society that we want to adopt two of the kittens from our current foster litter. I can’t help it. This entire litter is so sweet.

How can you not want to keep them forever?

Little Girl-- still need a name for her.


Pepper... who will be renamed Skully since Huzzy says she reminds him of the Harley Davidson skull.


Skah, the jungle gym. 
(please ignore the mess… Huzzy was getting ready to leave on deployment/patrol)

Little girl (gorgeous silver tabby)  nurses on Lulu and then you’ll see Skully (a chocolate tabby with silver in her chest and arms… strangest color I’ve ever seen). Lulu is happy because she’s on the bed with her head on a pillow next to Huzzy and she has kittens around her. She wants to be their mom. 

We need to find a name for the little girl. I need name suggestions for a silver tabby female runt. Huzzy is 20,000 leagues under the sea, so I want to have a list that I like for him to choose from.

She is sweet.
She rides on your shoulder.
She was the runt for most of the time but is now just tiny and pudgy. I think she’s going to be SMALL!
She likes to kiss.
She pounces like a frog (high hops and comes straight down rather than normal pouncing).

Huzzy has turned down Polly… which I wanted because of tiny Polly Pocket and because she’s like a parrot riding on shoulders (Polly wants a cracker!).


9 thoughts on “It’s Caturday!

  1. Aww all these pictures are adorable! I still think my name should be in the running. lol I think it fits her well. Okay maybe not lol

  2. Awwwwwww…they are precious. I always do that with dogs. I’m not allowed to go to shelters anymore as I want to bring them all home 🙂 At least until we have a bigger house and bigger property…

  3. OK, here’s a name list for you!

    Lacey – pretty like her; Lovey – b/c she is!; Bouncey – ditto; Shannon – seems to suit her, a certain elegance; Rain or Raina – because her colors are like crystal rain on a misty day; Michelle, pronounced me-shell, like the French, cute & elegant; Belle – cute & she looks like a southern belle; and Sari, pronounced sa-ree, not sorry like the indian garment, or pronounce it like my little sis used to – say-ree (we had a Sari once, she was also runt of the litter and very sweet.)

    Hope any of this helps you out! Can’t wait to hear your pick!

    PS – I liked Pepper for the little tuxedo kitten, sorry it didn’t pass the grade…

  4. Oooo… I like Lovey and Raina. Huzzy won’t go for Belle because of Bella in Twilight. I like Pepper, too… we would have kept it but Huzzy really, really wanted to name her Skully… and she’s pretty tomboy-kitten-ish. Into EVERYTHING. So it fits. She’s trouble with a capital T.

  5. Hi! Jenny (Jenlive, Sweet anonymity…etc.) here! I am starting a new blog. It’s serious this time. Even got my own domain. I haven’t really put anything on it yet. Still setting things up. But you were the first on my blogroll and I wanted you to know who the heck that was linking to you 🙂

  6. I have a thing for Greek and Roman deities.

    Perhaps Harpie? Winged spirits of the sea? 😉
    Siren? The sea nymphs that lured sailors with song?

    Although … you could always call her Fuzzy Butt. 😛

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