MilSpouse Friday Fill-In?

Hey all…

So the participation in MilSpouse Friday Fill-In has really been dwindling in the last six months. I’m not sure what the reason is, but I’m starting to think it has just run its course.

So what do you think? Should I continue it, or let it go?



17 thoughts on “MilSpouse Friday Fill-In?

  1. I haven’t participated in the last couple months, but the last few weeks I’ve been coming back to do it and I’ve been sad you haven’t! It’s got to be hard for you, but we love it!

  2. I understand that the weekly schedule can be a ton of work to maintain. If you did want to keep running a MilSpouse Fill-in, would you consider switching to a monthly schedule? Every two months? Maybe having a longer break between each fill-in could help soothe any feelings of burn-out on your part and the participants’ part.

  3. I like it, but I like the questions vs the fill in the blanks better. Sometimes it’s hard to answer the fill in the blanks so I would skip that week. Just a thought.

  4. To the Nth: That’s definitely an idea. I could call it “First Friday Fill-in” and do it the first Friday of every month!

  5. Monica: So do I, but I totally ran out of questions and weren’t getting new ones from people when I asked! If I were to go to once a month I could probably do it!

  6. I really enjoy it. I was thinking about starting up something similar myself, but I can totally understand the difficulty in constantly coming up with new questions. Once a month may work better for you. 🙂

  7. I stopped for a few reasons…I needed a break, it didn’t seem like people were reading it and no one was commenting. I think taking a break wouldn’t be a bad thing, though I like the idea of doing it once a month!

  8. CONTINUE! I’ve always enjoyed them! I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit the last couple months (heavy workload and the hubby coming home), but I try to check in. I’m taking one of last week’s questions so I can have one this week!

  9. I stopped because life got really busy after I had a baby in August, then when I came around again, you were taking a break. That and it did seem like there weren’t very many people coming around to read what I wrote.

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