Computers Are Taking Over!

Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards. 
~Aldous Huxley

So today I was out doing errands and at one register, my total ended up being $6.72. I handed the cashier a $20 bill, two pennies and four nickles (I was cleaning out my change purse!). She counted the change and then counted it a second time and then looked at me and said, “the change was 76 cents.” I paused for a second and then said (very nicely), “Yeah, I know… this way I’ll get two quarters back.”  She looked at me skeptically and then typed it into her computer and then just handed me my change back.  I shudder to think how much I would have confused her if I would have given her $22.22, expecting $15.50 back. *sigh* I learned to count change properly–including counting the change back to someone starting with the price of the purchase and going up to the amount given to me–when I was eight. EIGHT!

I sure hope that our future children aren’t allowed to use calculators in school until they learn how to do the calculations behind the math themselves. My mom didn’t let us type any papers on the computer (we didn’t get one until 6th grade anyway) until we learned how to type properly…  as in “asdf jkl;” typing. I plan to do the same thing with our kids.

Oh how much I appreciate the things my parents made us do. Sometimes I thought they were too “old-fashioned” but I am so appreciative of it now.



Thanks for the comments on MilSpouse Friday Fill-In. I think I’m just going to do it on the first Friday of the month (thus making it MilSpouse FIRST Friday Fill-In). This will give me some more time to write on my blog. It seems as though every time I have a post to write, it’s either on Thursdays or Fridays when I have to get the MFF posts ready. However, I don’t want to abandon MFF completely, so I think this is a good compromise.


14 thoughts on “Computers Are Taking Over!

  1. I’m with you — being able to make change is one of those necessary life skills. I also think that Monopoly should only be played with paper pretend money. The version in which the players have electronic “ATMs” will no doubt be the downfall of our civilization. 😉

    I’m looking forward to the inaugural MFFF!

  2. I saw that electronic version the other day! I looked at Huzzy and said, “NO! NEVER! Our children will get paper money. NOT an electronic counter.” *shudders*

  3. It makes me sad for the next generation that they’re so reliant on electronics for things like that. I always seem to throw off cashiers when I give them an odd amount to avoid getting pennies back (I hate pennies!). We weren’t allowed to use calculators until we got to middle school and by then, math was complicated enough that it was easier for me to do the basic arithmetic in my head 😉

    Also, electronic Monopoly wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying! I liked watching my brother count out the 500s when he landed on Boardwalk with a hotel.

  4. Sespi,

    I totally agree. And I wasn’t allowed a calculator until nearly high school. I was in 8th grade Algebra (which was a high school class) and we were allowed it for some of the graphing problems. That’s it. I don’t think I used one at all for the ACT, though I did take it with me to the test, just in case.

  5. My kids always want to buy the electronic games like Monopoly and Life and I always tell them NO! I have worked with them all about counting change and everything. So far they have started using calculators in 7th grade when they start Algebra.

  6. I learned counting back change and all of that in grade school, but I am honestly just so terrible with numbers that I rely on both the register and the customer to double check my math.

    As in, I understand the concept of counting back change and can sometimes do it, but adding numbers that are two digits throws me completely off of everything. I either need a calculator or pen/paper to figure it out.

  7. I’m switching to homeschooling next year, so the calculator thing will be in my control, but, yeah, it definitely worries they will use electronics as a crutch. Definitely none of that credit card Monopoly in our house!

    P.S. Shouldn’t you have given her THREE pennies?

  8. I hope it comes back. We are using dave ramsey’s financial peace which means we use cash for everything. it drives people batty

  9. I work on post and our kids are not allowed to use calculators! I like to see them show their work and the interesting ways kids have come to solve the equations, sometimes using their own “methods”. I really love the look on their faces when they get it right! 🙂

    I learned to count the change back to the customer when I was a cashier in high school – so glad they made us do that!

  10. my oldest used to say it wasn’t fair i wouldn’t let him use a calculator during our math times because all of his friends would brag about using them during class. he was super happy to start using them now that he’s in algebra but now the girl is starting to get flustered i don’t let her. last year during cookie season i wouldn’t let my girl scouts use a calculator and taught all of them how to count out change and why we do it that way. we were doing math problems on paper to show them why it helped and made more sense to do it the right way. flip side to this is; how often does the typical person actually use cash any more?

  11. I say no to toys with batteries in general, let alone toys like Barbie ATM machines. I have seen moms giggle because their sweet, innocent child can swipe their card for them. Meanwhile, cut to me and I’m the mom who charges interest if one of my kids is a couple bucks short when trying to buy something at the store.

  12. BTW I am so happy you’ll still be hosting MFFs! I slacked off with when the holidays rolled around (along with, um… my eating habits) but one more “pin” and I’ll start back up again! 😀

  13. ARe you kidding me? Electronic Monopoly?!! NO WAY!! GEEZ!! My 4th graders are always begging me to use calculators. I have one calculator in the class and it is mine. They think I am so mean!!

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