Scentsy Winner!

So back in early December, I wrote this post about hosting a Scentsy party and said if anyone saw my post and bought from the party, I’d put them in a drawing to win free Scentsy stuff (coming from me, not the consultant or Scentsy)…

Well, the basket party has finally closed and according to, the winner is….. Allison from Glimpses of the Military Life! Allison has started her own business and has respectfully declined the winnings so the next winner is ArmyGirlNay from The Albrecht Squad!

Allison, ArmyGirlNay since my party did so well, I’m giving you the choice of one of the following (all worth $25):

  1. A mid-size warmer of your choice
  2. A plug-in warmer of your choice and one bar of your choice
  3. One brick  of your choice plus one bar of your choice
  4. Five bars of your choice

Thank you to those who signed up!

Please get back to me within 48 hours or I will have to choose another winner (I’ll also be tweeting you and contacting you on your blog).


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