Month of the Military Child- The Up Side of Moving

If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. 
~Mary Engelbreit

April is Month of the Military Child. Since Huzzy and I don’t have children, I put out a call for guest bloggers to help out. I originally wanted to do a guest blogger every Monday, but I had so many fantastic responses that you’ll see a guest blogger every Monday and Thursday!

My second guest blogger is Jamie at Handling with Grace?.

Jamie and her daughter


Hi ladies.  My name is Jamie.  I blog over at “Handling With Grace?”.  I am a Navy wife and mother of a two year old.  I love the adventure that the military life offers but as we all know, there are tradeoffs that we encounter.  There are two simple truths about military life that we all know.

  1. Military life is hard.  It is hard to move around every couple years.  It is hard to leave friends who mean the world to us.  It is hard to re-make friends when we reach the new duty station.  It is not an “easy” lifestyle.
  2. This is a GOOD life!  Being separated from our biological families, we rely most heavily on our own little glued together modge podge group of friends that turn into family members.  We get to travel the country and experience things that many people never get to.  We are part of a select group of people who have friends all over not just this great country but this amazing world.

Things start to get a little trickier (for me at least) when I add my sweet toddler in to the equation.  She has big extended family that lives mere miles from each other in Southern California.  She (we) are the only missing piece of that family.  I am sad for her that she is not going to grow up super close to her cousins.  I am sad for her that she is not going to really know her grandparents and they won’t really know her.

I find peace with our (my husband and I try to make these decisions together) decision to be “lifers” by knowing that my sweet little one is going to be an expert friend maker by the time she is in high school.  She is not going to have a choice in the matter.  We are going to move.  This is an unavoidable component of this lifestyle that we have chosen.  Hopefully with my guidance and assistance, she will develop the self-confidence necessary to be a successful friend maker.  She will have a lot to offer as a friend with her vast array of life experiences travels.

Jamie and family

I plan to continue to show her all around this country and take full advantage of each duty station that we go to.  Through the travels and experiences, I fully expect her to develop a strong sense of self and self- confidence.  She is lucky that by the time she reaches high school, she too will have friends and extended “family members” all over not only this great country but this amazing world!



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